Abominable Zone
General Information
Official name: Abominable Zone
Created by: Peter Milligan
Ed Benes
First Appearance: Red Lanterns (Vol 1) #7
Planet: Ysmault



The Abominable Zone was a region on the planet Ysmault that was noted for being the most terrible area on this most terrible of planets. It consisted of a harsh jungle and was the site of a complex that was built by Atrocitus of the Five Inversions. These large buildings were constructed from the bones of marooned space travellers that had crashed on Ysmault. In the past, Atrocitus was known to had participated in his blood magics in order to create an army of followers to get his vengeance for the destruction of his homeworld of Ryut. Thus, it became the site of where he attempted to make his first Red Lanterns. These early experiments were, however, grotesque failures that consisted of often insane lifeforms. Atrocitus could not allow these abominations to live and thus slayed them whereupon he buried them within the Abominable Zone. Over the years, the flesh of these dead beings fed the soil and created a paradise garden in reverse.

The Hunt for KronaEdit

At the conclusion of the War of The Green Lanterns, the renegade Krona was killed at the hands of Hal Jordan and his body was transported to Ysmault by Ganthet as part of a pact made with Atrocitus. The death of his sworn enemy had led to a waning in Atrocitus's rage that began to affect his Red Lantern Corps. In this time, Abysmus emerged and intended to get revenge against his father Atrocitus. This saw him taking Krona's body into the Abominable Zone and devouring his corpse to claim its power. Furthermore, he used the remnant blood magics to create the Abysmorphs. When Atrocitus finally entered into the Abominable Zone in search for Krona, he encountered Abysmus and the two engaged in battle. Their conflict was interrupted by the sudden arrival of Rankorr with the distraction allowing Abysmus to seemingly kill Atrocitus whereupon he sent his Abysmorphs to slay the newly inducted Red Lantern John Moore.


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