General Information
Founder(s): Abysmus
Leader(s): Abysmus
Current Members: Abysmus
Status: Active
Base of Operations: Ysmault



The Abysmorphs were a group of beings that consisted of sentient lifeforms that were experiments by Atrocitus when he attempted to create his Red Lanterns. These beings were made through the use of blood magics but proved to be grotesque failures that were insane. As a result, he was forced to kill them as he could not allow them to live and buried their bodies within the area of the Abominable Zone on Ysmault where their flesh fed the soil that turned it into a paradise. Unknown to Atrocitus, Abysmus who he had buried actually survived and plotted his vengeance against his father. He used the remnants of the blood magic to breath life into these deceased beings to create an army of such brothers. Thus, the Abysmorphs were created that shared similar features to their creator though lacked any capacity to speak. As a result, they served only the simple task of being mindless warriors that served their master.

Burn With Our HateEdit

After the War of The Green Lanterns, the renegade Krona was slain in battle and his body sent to Ysmault by Ganthet as part of an agreement with Krona. However, the death of the being responsible for the Massacre of Sector 666 led to a diminishment in Atrocitus's Rage. This led to him instilling intelligence amongst select members of his Red Lantern Corps. However, Abysmus secretly stole the corpse of Krona in order to get his own revenge against his father. This led to Atrocitus believing that the Maltusian may had survived and followed the trail into the Abominable Zone. There, he was confronted by Abysmus who sent forth his Abysmorphs against his father. These creatures were easily defeated by the Red Lantern leader but the fight was interrupted by the sudden arrival of newly inducted Red Lantern Rankorr. This distraction allowed Abysmus to spear Atrocitus in the chest and he sent the remaining Abysmorphs to kill John Moore. However, the Abysmorphs were stopped in their attack and departed the planet with their creator Abysmus on board a reactivated ship that had crash landed on Ysmault eons ago.



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