Hope Entity
General Information
Real name: Adara
First Appearance: Green Lantern #52
Created by: Geoff Johns
Doug Mahnke
Affiliations: Blue Lantern Corps
Partner: Formerly:
Kyle Rayner
Nicole Morrison
"The Earth is blessed with the presence of Adara." - Saint Walker to The Question.



The Adara Entity is the embodiment of Hope of the Emotional Spectrum and thus represented the combined feeling of hope felt by the sentient of the cosmos. It was born when the Entity entered into the early universe and settled on the planet Earth which sparked the creation of life among countless worlds. The Adara Entity was one of the last entities to be created of the Emotional Spectrum and is similar to its counterparts namely the Ion, Parallax, Predator, Ophidian, Butcher and Proselyte entities. However, following its emergence, its existence was seemingly forgotten by the cosmos and it remained hidden until later years.

Brightest Day

During The Blackest Night the existence of the Hope Entity was unveiled and it later began to manifest on Earth following the defeat of Nekron. At this point, a mysterious figure was seeking out and capturing the Entities for their own hidden purpose. This time saw the Adara Entity manifest in Michigan in the home of Winston Wood who had kidnapped the young fourteen year old child Nicole Morrison. Claiming to the child that "All will be well", Adara chose Morrison as its host and forgave Woods whereupon it claimed it would show the world. Saint Walker learnt of this and was rejoiced but determined to uncover why Adara had chosen the young girl as its host whereupon it would be escorted to Odym; the homeworld of the Blue Lantern Corps. Nicole later stood on top of a church where Adara attempted to give hope to others and Morrison tapped into this power in order to allow Larfleeze to feel this emotion after learning that his family was still alive and missed him. She further used the Hope Entity's power to temporarily transform Hal Jordan into a Blue Lantern after learning that he denied himself to feel hope for some unknown reason. This process was, however, interrupted by the arrival of the Flash who claimed that he needed to speak to Jordan about his "friends".

Powers and Abilities


  • Adara is Hope incarnate, with all of Hope's Power at its disposal. While its exact limits are unknown it can be assumed that it's power levels are comparable to Ion and Parallax which would give it virtually limitless energy.


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  • Initially, the Hope Entity was unnamed but in Green Lantern #54 we are told the true name of the Hope Entity is Adara.


  • Adara takes the form of a bird, one of the most recognizable symbols of Hope.

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