Green Lantern
General Information
Real name: Ahtier
First Appearance: Tales of the Green Lantern Corps Annual #3 (1987)
Created by: Richard Bruning
Kevin Nowlan
Affiliations: Former:
Green Lantern Corps
Black Lantern Corps
Sector: Space Sector 1013
Home Planet: Glazzonio
Abilities: Indomitable Will



Ahtier was a member of the Green Lantern Corps from planet Glazzonio in Space Sector 1013. She was present during Emerald Dawn to help fight off Legion's attack on Oa. Later, while pregnant, she was fatally injured by a massive explosion involving yellow shrapnel. Wounded, about to die and about to give birth, she requested that her power ring find a suitable mother for her child before she perished. Instead, the ring searched for a replacement Lantern as was its prerogative. It found Bynari, a native of Zymia who viewed the Glazzonions as a foolish and inferior scourge upon her people for the violence they caused. Disgusted by the woman dying in front of her, believing Ahtier had been responsible for the death of her mate, Bynari refused to take the child. When the ring showed her the history of the entire Green Lantern Corps and what it meant to be a Green Lantern such as Ahtier had been, Bynari reconsidered her position and adopted the child as its mother lay dead.

The Blackest NightEdit

Ahtier was laid to rest in the Crypts of the Green Lantern Corps along with all of the other fallen Lanterns. During The Blackest Night, she appears resurrected as a member of the new Black Lantern Corps.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit






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