Alien Physiology is not so much a super-power, as it is a reflection of a character's biological heritage, which may give them certain advantages over normal human beings, examples being the Kryptonian Superman and the Daxamites. Individuals with an alien physiology are extraterrestrial in origin, but some Earth based races, such as Atlanteans and Amazons also benefit from having a unique physiology. Physiology may also apply to some supernatural entities, such as Leprechauns, who were descended from the Maltusians, the race the Oans are also derived. Beings like Arisia do not have any particularly extraordinary abilities regularly, though when she was apparently killed, her physiology allowed her to place herself into a state of hibernation, thus surviving. Other beings such as the Oans or the Zamarons, are capable because of their physiology to manipulate cosmic forces, giving them god-like status.

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