Alpha Manhunter
General Information
Real name: Alpha Manhunter
First Appearance: Red Lanterns #16
Created by: Peter Milligan
Miguel Sepulveda
Affiliations: Manhunter Cult



The Alpha Manhunter was an ancient android created by the Guardians of the Universe who was among fellow units that were charged as being the first army to bring order to the cosmos. He along with his fellow Manhunters were dispatched to promote law but their programming was corrupted by the Oan Krona. The purpose of Krona's tampering was to prove that the Manhunter army was flawed. Thus, the Alpha Manhunter and his compatriots were responsible for the Massacre of Sector 666 where they killed all the sentient inhabitants in that region of space. Among the worlds attacked was the planet Ryut that was the home planet of Atrocitus. The destruction of his world saw Atrocitus vow eternal vengeance against the Guardians and thus saw him joining the ranks of the Five Inversions. Atrocitus was responsible for defeating a contingent of Manhunters and kept them inactive on Ryut with the Alpha Manhunter among their ranks.


This unit remained inactive for countless centuries until the time after the War of The Green Lanterns. In that time, the Guardians concluded that their efforts to police the universe with the Green Lantern Corps was a failure. As a result, they secretly decided that emotions were the cause of chaos and that they needed to replace their Corps with The Third Army. These new enforcers subsumed their victims and were mindlinked to the Guardians themselves as they believed the elimination of individuality would end chaos. Thus, they dispatched the Third Army to grow in numbers by assimilating other organic beings which saw an attack against the Red Lantern Corps. Atrocitus managed to divine the origins of the Third Army through the use of Blood Magic and concluded that inorganic beings were immune to their touch. As a result, he decided on a bold move of travelling to Ryut and awakening the sleeping Manhunter army there in order to enlist them as his soldiers. However, upon activation, the Alpha Manhunter and its comrade units attacked Atrocitus. Seeing its command, the Red Lantern concluded that if he destroyed the Alpha Manhunter then the others would be easy to control. Despite ordering its comrades to attack, Atrocitus managed to smash through his foes and ripped apart the Alpha Manhunter whereupon he used his magic to take control of the remaining army.

Powers and Abilities


  • Command and Control : this unit seemingly had the leadership qualities that allowed it to command its fellow Manhunters and without its presence its comrades would become directionless.


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