Arin Sur
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General Information
Real name: Arin Sur
First Appearance: Green Lantern #45
Created by: Geoff Johns
Doug Mahnke
Affiliations: Formerly:
Black Lantern Corps



Arin Sur was a female inhabitant of the planet Ungara and was the sister of the famous Green Lantern Corps member Abin Sur. During her brothers time as a Green Lantern, she met and fell in love with Sinestro. During the War of Light, when Sinestro took loyal Sinestro Corpsmen to attack Zamaron to free the female members of their group. These women were being placed in conversion crystals that was brainwashing them to become new recruits of the Star Sapphire Corps. At the time, Sinestro battled against Carol Ferris and she imprisoned him within a conversion crystal which brought back memories of Arin Sur. However, he managed to break free from the crystal and continued with his attack.

The Blackest Night

Abin and Arin Sur

When The Blackest Night came to pass, Black Lantern Power Rings reanimated the bodies of both Arin Sur and her brother Abin Sur. Together, they took a ship to Korugar where they ambushed Sinestro, Hal Jordan, Carol Ferris and Indigo. The Black Lantern Arin Sur assault Sinestro and taunted him about her death. Later, the four Lantern Corps leaders managed to combine their powers which destroyed both Arin Sur and Abin Sur by severing the connection to their rings. After the battle, Hal Jordan asked Sinestro on who the Black Lantern woman was and the Korugarian replied by saying that she was Abin Sur's sister. When Jordan later asked what she meant to him, Sinestro replied that she meant nothing to him.

Powers and Abilities

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Former Equipment


Former Weapons


  • During the alternate reality events of the Flashpoint, Arin Sur is revealed to had met with Sinestro when Abin Sur was training him to be a Green Lantern. During this time, a romance sparked between the two and they were married but she was killed when Ungara was destroyed. In Flashpoint: Abin Sur Issue 3, Abin Sur dies when his Power Ring becomes depleted whereupon he meets his sister in the afterlife who urges him to fight on and he is resurrected by the Life Entity as a result. As he departs back to the mortal world, Arin tells her younger brother that she is proud of him.


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