General Information
Real name: Arsona
First Appearance: Green Lantern (Vol 5) #3
Created by: Geoff Johns
Doug Mahnke
Affiliations: Korugarians Formerly Green Lantern Corps



Arsona was an Officer on The Planet Korugar who was the first to support Sinestro when he became the dictator of The Planet during his first tenure as a Member of The Green Lantern Corps. With her on Sinestro's side, she was used to help persuade the rest of the Korugarian people to side with Sinestro's rule.

Working with Sinestro Again

After The Event of War of The Green Lanterns, where Sinestro once again becomes a Member of The Green Lantern Corps, The Sinestro Corps, without its leader, increases their brutality towards The Planet of Korugar, enslaving Sinestro's race. After both Sinestro and Hal Jordan travel to the enslaved planet with a plan to free Sinestro's people, Sinestro observes a young woman stand up to her slavers. This woman is Arsona, a former Officer under Sinestro while he was a Member of The Green Lantern Corps for the first time, she shows no fear standing up to Sinestro's Former Corps. Seeing that her life is in danger, a normally calm and collected Sinestro abandon's his plan, and charges in head first to save her. This eventually leads to both he and Hal being captured, and thrown into prison, while the Sinestro Corps figures out what to do with them. In a cell with his people, Sinestro is berated by Arsona about what he did to her people. In an effort to help them liberate themselves, Sinestro manages to create multiple Green Lantern Power Ring for the Korugarians which briefly makes them Members of The Green Lantern Corps, but under Arsona's lead, they attempt to turn there Green Lantern Power Ring's on Sinestro for revenger. Despite learning that there Green Lantern Power Ring's Sinestro created won't harm him, Arsona still tries as hard as she can to kill Sinestro with a blast from the Green Lantern Power Ring, not leaving a scratch on him. Defeated, Arsona is brought to tears in the wake of still being powerless against her former dictator.

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