The Origin of Avarice.



Avarice (Also known as Greed) is an emotional concept born of The White Light of creation, and is represented by the color orange. Avarice is defined as "a feeling of inordinate, miserly desire to gain and hoard possessions". Within the Emotional Spectrum, the Greed Entity, named Ophidian, serves as the Emotional Embodiment of the power of Avarice. For the majority of its known existence, Ophidian was sealed within the Orange Lantern Central Power Battery. The Orange Lantern Corps wields avarice and are infected by the light's insatiable appetite for anything and everything. One must "want it all" to wield the light.


  • As the Orange Light is usually wielded by only one, the wielder can use the orange light to its fullest extent and therefore has the highest amount of energy of any of the Corps. This is not to say it is the most powerful, as the blue light is shown to be able to overcome it, as can the violet light.


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