Green Lantern
Barro Cruzz
General Information
Real name: Barro Cruzz
First Appearance: Green Lantern: Emerald Warriors #2
Created by: Peter Tomasi
Fernando Pasarin
Affiliations: Green Lantern Corps



Barro Cruzz was one of many new Lanterns recruited to replenish the Green Lantern Corps following the heavy losses sustained during The Blackest Night. While undergoing training on Oa Barro Cruzz had an eye opening encounter with the Corps former Drill Sargent Kilowog. Cruzz was over eager to impress Kilowog but his bravado and heroic posturing only enraged the legendary Lantern. Since the Blackest Night came to an end Kilowog had been plagued with guilt over all of the rookies lives lost during the Black Lanterns attack on Oa. Kilowog cut Cruzz off in mid-sentence, telling the rookie that the only thing he was sure of was that Cruzz was either going to end up with one of his fellow rookies brains splattered all over him, or they would be splattered with his. Cruzz stood dumbstruck as Kilowog warned him to listen to each and every veteran Lantern training him, or risk ending up in the new Crypt being built on Oa. Kilowog dismissed the rookie, telling him that he didn't even want to know his name. As Cruzz flew off into the Oan night, he was unaware of the last order whispered by the senior Lantern "just go...and be safe."

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