General Information
Official name: Betrassus
Universe: Earth-One
New Earth
Space Sector: Space Sector 1417



The planet Betrassus is known throughout local space as a highly politically unstable planet, previously given over to multiple waves of aristocratic infighting, until eventually the royal family of Betrassus came out supreme. By the time of the current timeline, the title of King is held by the father of Lantern Iolande, who is at the time his only daughter, and not yet a Green Lantern. The King however, is very ill, and has two sons to become heirs; Prince Stentar, and Prince Ragnar.

Pre-Sinestro Corps War

During a series of assassination attempts on the royal family via direct strikes at their palace, the two sector Lanterns arrived to lend their support, Lantern Soranik Natu of the planet Korugar, and Lantern Myrrt of the planet C'ythonis. Duriong the battle, Prince Stentar, one of the two royal princes and heirs to the throne, was killed, his blade having been sabotaged by his brother Ragnar, who was attempting to gain entry to the Green Lantern Corps by eliminating his competition. After the battle, Lantern Natu leaves the planet, but Myrrt is invited to have a drink with Ragnar, who doses Myrrt's glass with a sophisticated toxin designed to induce irrational levels of fear. In the following battle, Myrrt is killed, crying out to Soranik to help him. Feeling guilty about leaving him, Soranik Natu and Guy Gardner, one of the Honour Guard, investigate into his death, and find Ragnar is the culprit. Devising an elaborate plan to capture Ragnar and get him to confess, they send Ragnar a fake ring, which brings him to Oa. After Soranik physically overpowers him, Salaak appears and points out Ragnar's diplomatic immunity as royalty. Though Soranik and Guy put up a fight at first, Salaak informs them that Ragnar is far from safe, and that they underestimate the Betrassus honour code, and Salaak himself. On Betrassus, in accordance with the code of honour, Ragnar's actions equate to the death penalty. He claims not to be afraid, and that he had been temporarily insane, that he loved the Corps and his family, and that he would pay the price for his actions. Soranik Natu, steelier than before, holds up the power ring that is to go to the next Green lantern, and hands it to Iolande, Ragnar's sister, before his eyes. Thoroughly miserable, he is beheaded, leaving Iolande the last heir to the throne of Betrassus. Some time later, Iolande's father dies of old age, Soranik, the best doctor in the sector, is unable to resuscitate him. Iolande is forced to take over as the queen of Betrassus, and balance this with her role as the Sector Green Lantern.


  • The Palace: The Royal Household of the Betrassus Royal family.


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