Black Circle
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Former Members: Amon Sur
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The Black Circle were an intergalactic crime syndicate conssiting of an infamous ring of criminals that operated throughout known space where they took part in many illegal activities ranging from drugs to weapons to murder and even slavery. At some point, Amon Sur who was the son of Abin Sur, rose to a high ranking position within the Black Circle. The group also managed to entice the services of the feared bounty hunter Shiro Nova by threatening his family. In addition, they held a constant presence on the world of Zymia where they discovered Bynari's past as a member of the Green Lantern Corps.

A faction of the group splintered from the main body and were engaged in their own drug running operations on the planet Earth. This necessitated Amon Sur to travel to the planet where tricked heroes Kyle Rayner and Green Arrow into thinking he was a hero. Thus, he used them into achieving his motivations which got the splinter group of Black Circle thugs caught and left them in the custody of the DEO before escaping which led to the Green Lantern Corps engaging in a hunt for the Black Circle and Amon Sur.

Green LanternEdit

Later, under the leadership of Magnate Commander Amon Sur of Ungara, the Black Circle allied themselves with the Weaponers of Qward where they worked together to defeat the Green Lantern Corps. As part of their oeprations, they intended to create a powerful weapon system capable of destroying entire stars as well as the worlds that orbited such systems. Known as the Blind, the Black Circle's intention was to destroy Oa itself and bring Qward from the Anti-Matter Universe to take its place thus allowing the Qwardians to gain a base of operations to invade the universe.

Kyle Rayner later infiltrated the Black Circle where he posed as a bounter hunter called Mr. Vasquez. With the aid of the other superheroes, they were able to destroy the Blind and end the threat it posed to the cosmos.




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