Blackest Night: Superman #2
Blackest Night Superman-2 Cover-1
General Information
Series: Blackest Night: Superman (Volume 1)
Issue Number: 2
First Published: September, 2009
Previous Issue: Blackest Night: Superman #1
Next Issue: Blackest Night: Superman #3

Synopsis for "Psycho Piracy"Edit

Superman and Conner fight Kal-L above Smallville. On the outskirts of the battle, Psycho Pirate appears, and begins to sow confusion among the people present. Kal-L tells Black Lantern Lois to kill Ma Kent. Conner moves to stop Lois from doing so, taking her arm off with heat vision. Ma Kent flees into corn, and Lois pursues. Conner finds Psycho Pirate among a bunch of rioting Smallville citizens. Black Lantern Zor-El confronts Kara, and Kara attacks him in response, realizing it's not her father. In Smallville, Lois hunts Martha. Martha steps out of the cornstalks ready to fight, with a "It's on!"

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  • Hank Pritchard




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Blackest Night Superman-2 Cover-2

Blackest Night: Superman Issue #2 Cover-2


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