Blackest Night: Superman #3
Blackest Night Superman-3 Cover-1
General Information
Series: Blackest Night: Superman (Volume 1)
Issue Number: 3
First Published: October, 2009
Previous Issue: Blackest Night: Superman #2
Next Issue: None

Synopsis for "The Long Dark Night"Edit

Krypto wakes up and disappears at superspeed. Kara fights her father on New Krypton, realizing that he's not her real father. Psycho Pirate continues to sow chaos and Conner attacks Superman under Psycho Pirate's influence. Ma Kent tries to light Black Lantern Lois on fire, but it doesn't work. Krypto shows and takes Black Lantern Lois out. A scientist goes to Alura and says he has a device that can repel Black Lanterns, but it will trap them on the planet. Alura goes to get Zor-El away so her daughter can stay on the planet. Conner starts to see Superman losing in his battle with the Black Lantern Superman, and that snaps him back from Psycho Pirate's influence. Conner steals Psycho Pirate's mask and uses it to restore people to normal. He also uses it to disperse Psycho Pirate and Black Lantern Superman.

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Blackest Night Superman-3 Cover-2

Blackest Night: Superman Issue #3 Cover-2


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