Blackest Night #0
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General Information
Series: Blackest Night (Volume 1)
Issue Number: 0
First Published: May 2, 2009
Previous Issue: None
Next Issue: Blackest Night #1

Synopsis for "Blackest Night: Death Becomes Us"

In the beginning was darkness. Then came the light, and the light chose soldiers to fight the darkness. One of those soldiers is Hal Jordan, a fearless hero with a mandate to protect all life... but today, Batman is dead. As Hal thinks about his friend, he is joined by Barry Allen, the recently resurrected Flash. The two men discuss funerals: Robin doesn't think Batman is really dead so he won't allow them to mark the grave; Barry Allen's funeral was attended by most of the heroes who ever were or will be; and Hal's grave was desecrated because he died a villain. The world, Hal thinks, got a lot more serious after Barry died. Villains got deadlier, heroes got grimmer, and the Justice League became targets. Aquaman and Martian Manhunter are dead. Barry points out that both of them have returned from death, along with Superman and Green Arrow. Hal responds that his father and Barry's mother both died when the heroes were young, and never came back. Barry tries to hold out hope: their friends have cheated death before, and if any man can cheat the reaper, it is Batman... As the heroes leave, a man is shadow surveys the cemetery. It contains Thomas & Martha Wayne, Ralph & Sue Dibny, Ronnie Raymond... but this man seeks someone else. He digs into Batman's grave and pulls out his skull. He is Black Hand and by his black hand, the dead will rise, as Scar watches from the shadows with malevolent glee. The Blackest Night has begun...

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  • This issue includes a series of Corps roster posters, for all eight Corps.


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