Red Lantern
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General Information
Real name: Bleez
First Appearance: Final Crisis: Rage of The Red Lanterns #1
Created by: Geoff Johns
Shane Davis
Affiliations: Red Lantern Corps
New Guardians
Sector: Space Sector 0033
Home Planet: Havania
Abilities: Red Lantern Power Ring
Portrayed by: Grey DeLisle (Voice)
Laura Bailey (Voice)


Bleez Pre-Red

Bleez Pre-Red Lantern


Born to a royal family on the planet Havania, Bleez was a beautiful winged woman who regularly stuck her nose up at those she thought were less than her. It was during a series of visits from potential suitors that members of the Sinestro Corps invaded her planet. Kidnapped and moved to the city Ranx during the Sinestro Corps War, Bleez was intended to be entertainment for Sinestro's soldiers. She attempted an escape when Sinestro's battle with the Green Lantern Corps devastated Ranx, but the Sinestro Corpsman of Space Sector 0465 caught her. And just as she was ready to die in the vacuum of space, a Red Lantern Power Ring approached her. She accepted thanks to the great rage boiling in her heart and murdered the Sinestro Corpsman before heading out into the cosmos. During the acceptance her appearance changed from an angel like species to a devil appearance.

Red Lantern Corps

She was later chosen to be a member of the Red Lantern Corps due to her boundless rage at her captors. As the newly formed Corps was gathered on Ysmault, their leader Atrocitus rallied them together, he helped many to embrace their ring, including Bleez. He talked her through accepting the ring, reminding her of all she had suffered and how she desired vengeance. When Atrocitus led a raid against both the Green Lanterns and Sinestro Corps to retrieve Sinestro himself, Bleez was among the Red Lanterns present.

Bleez Post-red

Red Lantern Bleez

The Brightest Day

During The Brightest Day, Guy Gardner and Ganthet made a pact with Atrocitus to search for the Emotional Entities in response to a prophecy seen by Gardner. Gardner was sent to patrol the Unknown Sectors for the Entities, and Atrocitus sent Bleez to "help" him. When Gardner attempted to have himself purified of the red energy and from being cleansed of his rage while on Odym however Bleez stopped him. During the journey in the Unknown Sectors, she developed a blood lust love for Guy which he doesn't really appreciate.

Post FlashPoint

Bleez was tasked with following a Red Lantern ring that was taken and determining who stole it. This assignment led her to confront Green Lantern Kyle Rayner. Subsequently, Bleez followed Rayner all the way to Oa with the intent to take back the stolen Red Lantern ring. Suddenly, the Orange Lantern Corps attacks Oa and in the aftermath Bleez leaves to return to Ysmault to report on what she learned. There Bleez unwillingly undergoes a ritual, done by Atrocitus, that restores not only her memories, but also her self-control, thus enabling her to fully be in control of her actions and behaviour. She later, rejoins Rayner's collection of Lanterns, as they fight off Invictus at the Orrery.

Powers and Abilities



  • Seduction: Bleez is a skilled and cunning seductress, having been sought after by dozens of suitors.


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  • Her current design as a Red Lantern is highly reminiscent of Jun Fudo, protagonist from the japanese manga Devilman Lady Written and Drawn by Go Nagai.

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