Blink Bomb
General Information
Official name: Blink Bomb
First Appearance: Tales of The Green Lantern Corps Annual #2
Type: Weapon
Used by: Sinestro Corps
Children of the White Lobe



Blink Bombs were terrifying weapons of mass destruction that were capable of destroying entire worlds.

According to The Blackest Night Prophecy by Qull of the Five Inversions, it was said that the many enemies of the Guardians of the Universe would rise up against them. Amongst their ranks included the Weaponers of Qward, the Children of the White Lobe, the Empire of Tears and Ranx the Sentient City. In the prophecy, it was said that Ranx was going to be responsible for the destruction of the living world of Mogo by detonating a blink bomb that killed the last of the Green Lantern Corps thus ending the reign of the Oans.

Seer Ruggle of the planet Rorc was a noted as a creator of numerous blink bombs with all those used in the last century being created by her. It was known that one of the many blink bombs created was used to destroy the planet Xanshi which was the home world of Fatality. When Green Lanterns Guy Gardner and Chthos-Chthas Chthatis began to search for kidnappers of numerous children in space, they discovered the culprits to be the Children of the White Lobe who were using Ranx the Sentient City as their base of operations. When caught, the lobe spawn refused to be taken prisoner and thus detonated a blink bomb which killed themselves though the Green Lanterns managed to use their Green Lantern Power Rings to shield themselves from the explosion. The resultant damage led to Ranx later "vomiting" out the Green Lanterns from its digestive system.

War of Light

During the outbreak of the Sinestro Corps War, many of the elements of the Blackest Night began to come to pass. One of which included Ranx joining the Sinestro Corps in an attack against Mogo with members of the Children of the White Lobe. The Lobespawn intended to go deep into Mogo where they would detonate a Blink Bomb in order to kill the giant planet Green Lantern. However, they were defeated by the Green Lanterns protecting Mogo which prevented that element of the prophecy from coming to pass.

Later on at the time of the War of Light when the Black Lantern Corps was unleashed, the Sinestro Corps were known to still had within their possession blink bombs. In order to secure the aid of Larfleeze, Sinestro informed the keeper of the Orange Light of Avarice that his Corpsmen had placed blink bombs at numerous locations on Okaara and unless Agent Orange agreed to join the united corps of light then he would detonate the bombs which would destroy everything Larfleeze had kept at his Sanctuary.


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