Blood Seed
General Information
Official name: Blood Seed
First Appearance: Red Lanterns #12
Type: Device
Used by: Red Lantern Corps

History[edit | edit source]

Origin[edit | edit source]

The Blood Seed was a device that was crafted by the demonic alien Atrocitus during his imprisonment on the world of Ysmault. It was created from the blood of the slain members of the Four Inversions that were also survivors of Sector 666 which were used to harness the Red Light of Rage in the Emotional Spectrum. With this power, Atrocitus intended to create his own Red Lantern Corps in order to bring righteous vengeance on his enemies. Thus, he forged the Red Lantern Central Power Battery to serve as a repository of Rage and power source for the Red Lanterns. In this time, the Red Lantern founder divined a Blood Prophecy that determined that a great calamity would destroy his Central Power Battery. Thus, the Blood Seed was created to avoid this danger in the future and Atrocitus would implant it within the body of his flawed creation Abysmus.

Nectar[edit | edit source]

After the War of The Green Lanterns, the Guardians of the Universe began their plan to eliminate the Red Lanterns. This involved infusing life within the fallen creation known as Abysmus who rose from the dead soil of Ysmault. Once free, he consumed the body of the fallen Oan known as Krona that infused him with power. Afterwards, Abysmus began his plan to get revenge on his "father" and he tore a rib from his body which he used to introduce a poison into the Red Central Power Battery. This act saw the Power Battery corrode gradually and many members of the Red Lanterns began to die as a result. However, Atrocitus ultimately managed to track down Abysmus and in a rage he managed to slay his creation whereupon he brutally ripped out the Blood Seed. With it in his hands, Atrocitus took it back to Ysmault in order to feed it to the Central Power Battery and bring renewed vigor to it. His actions were a success which saw the Red Central Power Battery restored and the Red Lanterns surviving the mysterious attack made against them.

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