Blue Lantern Power Battery
Blue Lantern Power Battery 01.jpg
General Information
Official name: Blue Lantern Power Battery
First Appearance: DC Universe#0 (June, 2008)
Type: Power Battery
Used by: Blue Lantern Corps



Created to fuel the Blue Lantern Power Rings with the power of Hope. While an unknown person fell through the multiverse as Darkseid was reborn, he saw visions of the unfolding War of Light. One of these visions was of Ganthet and Sayd forging a Blue Lantern Power Battery, and their search for a Blue Lantern. This was Saint Bro'Dee Walker, who received the first ring and portable battery.

The Blackest Night

Saint Walker used his Blue Lantern Power Battery on Earth during the Blackest Night to recharge his Blue Lantern Power Ring before battling Nekron. Saint Walker is shown keeping the battery in a pocket dimension close to his body, similar to the Green Lantern Corps and other Corps.

4 Lanterns from Pocket Dimensions


  • The Central Blue Power Battery will automatically charge any Green Lantern Power Ring within close range, even to the point of overload, exploding the Power Ring. It is not known if the smaller, portable Blue Lantern Power Battery has a similar function.


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In Other Media

Blue Lantern Power Battery (Green Lantern: The Animated Series)

  • The Blue Lantern Power Battery makes its first animated appearance in Green Lantern: The Animated Series in The Episode "Regime Change". In the episode, its revealed the Power Battery was a prototype constructed secretly by Ganthet and in breach of the Guardian Council. Ganthet created it as he believed willpower alone was not enough to win a war and that hope was required. Thus, he hid the Power Battery on board the Interceptor. It was eventually activated by Ganthet where it amplified the power of Hal Jordan, Kilowog and Aya thus giving them the power to defeat the Red Lantern Corps invading Betrassus. Afterwards, the Power Battery departed the Interceptor to look for a person with hope. It found Saint Bro'dee Walker on Mogo in "Invasion".


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