Bolovax Vik
General Information
Official name: Bolovax Vik
Created by: Steve Englehart
Bill Willingham
First Appearance: Green Lantern Corps (Vol 1) #218
Universe: New Earth
Space Sector: Space Sector 0674
Galaxy: TBA

History[edit | edit source]

Origin[edit | edit source]

Bolovax Vik is a world located in Space Sector 0674. It was once one of the most crowded planets in the universe, with over sixteen billion sentient lifeforms inhabiting it. The natives, Bolovax, were able to bring their minds together in a communal effect. They used this effect along with their socialist-like form of government to choose a long succession of Green Lanterns from their own population.

Destruction[edit | edit source]

The entire planet was obliterated by an anti-matter wave during the Crisis on Infinite Earths.

Rebirth[edit | edit source]

A new suitable world was found for the survivors of Bolovax Vik, in Space Sector 0872. Kilowog released the stored minds of the sixteen billion Bolovax after terraforming their new world.

Final Night[edit | edit source]

Shortly after being resurrected by Kilowog, the entire planet along with the entire population of Bolovax, excluding Kilowog, was annihilated by Sinestro.

Notes[edit | edit source]

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