Book of Larfleeze
General Information
Official name: Book of Larfleeze
First Appearance: Threshold (Vol 1) #1
Type: Book
Used by: Larfleeze



The Book of Larfleeze was a large blank tome that was in the possession of Larfleeze who was the head of the Orange Lantern Corps. Its existence came sometime after the War of The Green Lanterns. At this point, Larfleeze's Avarice led him to desire a tome similar to the Book of Oa that was owned by the Guardians of the Universe. Thus, Larfleeze's greed made him want a similar tome where he could write his own exploits. Once created, he also kidnapped a green skinned alien by the name of Stargrave who he enlisted as his chronicler. Despite his scribes directions, the contents of the Book of Larfleeze only exclaimed its owners glories that amounted to only a paragraph. This included Larfleeze's claim that all items desired him to own them and his early life of a slave whereupon he escaped to start the life of a thief along with the acquisition of the Orange Lantern Central Power Battery. The story within the Book also told of how the Oans allowed him to keep the Power Battery under the condition he remained within the Vega System. When Larfleeze's chronicler asked why he did not reveal more, Agent Orange replied that knowledge was also something he jealously guarded as a possession and was the reason why he did not reveal many secrets within the book.

Nine Tenths the Law

Whilst investigating the claim of another Orange Lantern in the Vega System, Larfleeze returned to his hideout only to discover that he had been robbed with even the Book of Larfleeze being stolen.


  • Unlike the Book of Oa, the Book of Larfleeze does not appear to be a construct but rather a large tome that is written by its chronicler.
  • In its first appearance, the Book is not given any particular name and simply referred to as the "Book" with the name of this article being conjectural.


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In Other Media

  • A Book is referred to as The Book of Greed in DC Universe Online during the mission called Oaths of Light where players are charged with finding the oaths of the various Corps. Among them includes Page MCMXCVIII from The Book of Greed that has the word "Mine!" written down seven times.


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