Book of Parallax
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General Information
Official name: Book of Parallax
First Appearance: Green Lantern Vol. 4 #18 (May 2007)
Type: Book
Used by: Sinestro Corps



Created as the opposite of the Book of Oa, the Book of Parallax is a grand recording tome for the many actions and views of the Sinestro Corps. Among the numerous creations of Sinestro corps is the Book of Parallax. Within the pages of the Book of Parallax lies all the knowledge of the Sinestro Corps and everything every Sinestro Corpsman has ever done. A power ring is needed to translate the Book's text into words familiar to the ring wielder. Before a candidate of the corps enters a fear lodge, their power rings are drained by the Book of Parallax. The current location and state of the Book of Parallax is currently unknown, though if intact, it is supposed that it is on Oa where it had been taken along with its keeper, Lyssa Drak. During the riot on Oa, Drak claimed her ring was leading her to the Book of Parallax, though it instead led her to the chamber beneath Oa where Scar was keeping the Book of the Black. She was subsequently imprisoned by the Rogue Guardian without having found the book.

The Paling

It is revealed that Lyssa Drak has become the literal embodiment of the book, with its every growing text scribed all across her flesh, it is unknown what happened to the actual book itself.

Current Owners

Previous Owners


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In Other Media

  • The Book of Parallax is Mentioned in DC Universe Online during the mission called Oaths of Light where players are charged with finding the oaths of the various Corps. Among them includes Page CCCLXIX from The Book that holds the oath of the Sinestro Corps.


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