Boost Crystal
General Information
Official name: Boost Crystal
First Appearance: Green Lantern: Rise of The Manhunters
Type: Device
Used by: Zamarons



Boost Crystals were large shards of violet crystal that were used by the Maltusians offshoot race known as the Zamarons. These female cousins of the Guardians of the Universe had tapped into the violet energy of love in the Emotional Spectrum making them as powerful as their Oan kin. At some point, they created the Boost Crystals which were capable of materializing on the battlefield and projected a powerful shield to Zamaron warriors thus shielding them from harm. So long as the crystal was present, the Zamaron warriors were greatly aided in battle against their enemies through its supporting influence.

Rise of The ManhuntersEdit

During the Manhunters assault on Zamaron, the machines utilized Willhunters to corrupt a number of Zamaron warriors who were forced into conflict against Hal Jordan of the Green Lantern Corps. Whilst he sought to reach the Hall of Knowledge, a Boost Crystal materialized on the field which greatly aided the corrupted Zamaron warriors who were battling against the Green Lantern. However, once he destroyed it, their shields were removed and allowed Jordan to enter into the tower itself. Two further crystals were formed by the corrupted Zamarons within the Hall of Knowledge until they were destroyed by Hal Jordan.


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