Brother Phräm
General Information
Real name: Phräm
First Appearance: Green Lantern: New Guardians #9
Created by: Tony Bedard
Tyler Kirkham
Affiliations: Blue Lantern Corps



Phräm was a member of the Blue Lantern Corps that unexpectedly lost his Blue Lantern Power Ring when it was taken from him and sought out Kyle Rayner to create a Hybrid Lantern. As a result of this event, Saint Walker decided to investigate why it happened. While searching for answers, Saint Walker teamed up with Kyle Rayner to continue the investigation. The two quickly found it wasn't a unique event and had happened to members other Lantern Corps as well and the two were soon joined by Munk, Bleez, Fatality, Arkillo and Glomulus to try and solve the problem.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit


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  • Hope: Phräm has the ability to give hope for the future to others.
  • Purge: As a member of the Blue Lantern Corps, Phräm has the ability to purge the red taint of Rage within those who were gripped by a Red Lantern Power Ring. He can turn such individuals back to normal only if they possessed another type of Power Ring at the same time otherwise the individual would be killed in the process.


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