Star Sapphire
Carol Ferris Green Lantern The Animated Series
General Information
Real name: Carol Ferris
Media: Green Lantern: The Animated Series
Portrayed by: Jennifer Hale (Voice)
Equipment: Star Sapphire Power Ring
Star Sapphire Power Battery
Transportation: Flight


GLTAS Carol Ferris

Carol in civilian mode


Much like her comic book counterpart, Carol Ferris runs Ferris Aircraft and met Hal Jordan when he was test piloting aircraft built by her company for a military contract.

Beware My Power

Hal Jordan's boss, Carol Ferris of Ferris Aircraft Industries, monitored Hal's flight of a new prototype jet through the California desert by radio. When an earthquake shakes the area, Carol ducks for cover and Hal spots a collapsing bridge. He puts the jet on auto-pilot and transforms into Green Lantern. He rescues the train but the jet flies into a mountain, crashing. An hour later, a concerned Carol is organizing rescue teams to find her missing pilot. Hal turns up at her office and claims that the earthquake froze the jet's controls, and he had to hike back. The test pilot admits that he was worried about Carol and starts to kiss her, but she warns him that as employer and employee, they can never have a romantic relationship. Hal persists and invites her to dinner, but sees a secret signal from his Power Ring. He makes an excuse to Carol of having to get the black box from the jet and then runs off, much to Carol's disappointment.

In Love and War

Carol becomes a Star Sapphire and is not happy that Hal had kept that he was an intergalactic superhero a secret from her. Under control of the ring's power, she fights him and he eventually gets her to come to her senses. Ghia'ta states that Carol can use her love to keep Hal safe on Zamaron instead of fighting. Carol says that is not love, but rather selfishness, and that real love comes from sacrifice and putting others needs before yourself, doing whats best for those you love. Carol then takes off the ring, rejecting its power. Ghia'ta states that no one has ever been able to reject the power of the Star Sapphires. Carol then tells Hal to finish what he has to do, then come back to her, before she returns to Earth via a portal.


Carol Ferris vs Atrocitus

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