General Information
Real name: Cataclysm
First Appearance: Hal Jordan and The Green Lantern Corps (Vol 1) #20
Created by: Robert Venditti
Rafa Sandoval
Affiliations: Formerly



Cataclysm was the name taken by Krona's Power Gauntlet after it gained sapience and developed a body for itself. The Power Gauntlet had been kept in the vaults of the Green Lantern Corps on Oa where it remained protected for thousands of years. After the Durlans invasion, the reputation of he Corps had suffered greatly with Hal Jordan deciding to take the blame by publically appearing to steal the Gauntlet and becoming a renegade. He believed that this would lead to all the blame being attributed to him for his leadership of the Green Lantern Corps. The powerful gauntlet, however, caused Jordan to slowly begin to merge with the Emotional Spectrum and lose his sense of identity. Thus, he decided to use its power to forge a Green Lantern Power Ring for himself and buried the Gauntlet on a barren world in Space Sector 563. Unknown to Jordan, just as the Gauntlet had an effect on him so to did he influence the weapon as well. He as a result imprinted on it the spark of thought giving birth to a consciousness capable of feeling only will. This manifested into the strongest expression of will which was the will to survive and exist leading to the Gauntlet taking a humanoid form where it became Cataclysm. As Cataclysm, he remained buried there for decades until he was freed by Sarko who used time travel technology to journey into the past in order to stop the alliance between the Green Lantern Corps and Soranik Natu's Sinestro Corps. Cataclysm aided Sarko by using his power to create the Prism Beasts that were composed of pure willpower created by the former Gauntlet's energy.

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