Chambers of The Alpha Lanterns
General Information
Official name: Chambers of The Alpha Lanterns
Created by: Peter Tomasi
Fernando Pasarin
First Appearance: Green Lantern Corps (Vol 3) #8
Galaxy: TBA
Star System: Sto-Oa
Planet: Oa
Country: TBA
State: TBA
Locale: TBA

History[edit | edit source]

Origin[edit | edit source]

The Chambers of The Alpha Lanterns was a structure established on the planet Oa. It served as the headquarters of the Alpha Lantern Corps who were established by The Guardians of the Universe as a result of the Sinestro Corps War. The Alpha Lanterns were tasked as being an internal affairs division for the Green Lantern Corps by basing their decisions without the cloud of emotion but instead the cold logic that was attributed to the Manhunters. As a result, the Alpha Lanterns were charged with disciplinary actions against Green Lanterns charged with some form of misconduct. The Alpha Lanterns often congregated within this dark tower in order to come to a form of consensus over the guilty actions of any Green Lantern. This involved them consulting the visual logs stored within a Green Lantern Power Ring in order to replay events and determine signs of guilt. They were able to consult the data from all 7200 Power Rings from various Lantern Energy Construct viewscreens.

Alpha War[edit | edit source]

After The War of The Green Lanterns, the Green Lantern Corps came under attack from the Keepers. This confrontation saw John Stewart, Vandor and Kirrt were captured as well as interrogated. Kirrt ultimately broke under the strain and was going to provide the codes for the planetary shield of Oa which necessitated in Stewart killing him by snapping his neck. Following the Keepers defeat, a Code GLD was announced that saw Alpha Lanterns Boodikka, Relok Hag, Varix, Green Man meeting Horoq Nnot at the Chamber of The Alpha Lanterns where they consulted the visual logs of the Power Rings to view the death of Kirrt at John Stewart's hands. An arraingement was agreed upon by the five Alpha Lanterns despite being aware that the action made against John Stewart would cause an uproar within the Green Lantern Corps. The Alpha Lanterns later attacked the Warriors Bar where they declared their intention to arrest Stewart for murder.

A lengthy trial followed that saw John Stewart being declared guilty by the Alpha Lanterns who determined that the sentence should be death to discourage further such actions. This decision was met with dissension from The Green Lantern Corps which led to the Alpha Lanterns taking Stewart to be detained at the Alpha-Tower to prevent any Green Lantern from freeing their comrade. Afterwards, newly promoted Sentinel Guy Gardner travelled into the Tower in order to honor his fellow Earth Lantern by giving him a final meal. Boodika escorted him into the Tower where she and the Alpha Lanterns monitored him to watch out for any signs of treachery. Ultimately, Gardner and the other members of The Green Lantern Corps staged a breakout in order to free Stewart that saw widespread destruction to the Alpha Tower.

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