General Information
Real name: Chomin
First Appearance: Green Lantern Vol 2 3
Created by: John Broome
Gil Kane
Affiliations: Qwardians
Weaponers of Qward
Abilities: TBA
Portrayed by: TBA



Chomin was an inhabitant of the Anti-Matter Universe and came from the planet Qward. After encountering the Green Lantern Corps protector of Earth, the Weaponers of Qward decided to hatch a complicated scheme in order to depower him and destroy him. This led to them dispatching two Qwardians to the positive matter world of Earth where they disguised themselves as salesman with one of their number being Chomin. At some point, this operative began to make a connection between the mysterious Green Lantern of Earth and Hal Jordan; an employee at Ferris Aircraft.

The Power BatteryEdit

The conclusion of Chomin led to the Qwardians creating an exact duplicate of Ferris Aircraft loacted fifty miles into the desert. After a mission, Green Lantern Hal Jordan was returning only to see the duplicate Ferris Aircraft grounds and believed that his Green Lantern Power Ring must had miscalculated the journey. Tired after his journey, he believed that it was simply an error and came to the duplicate Ferris grounds where he entered into the dressing room in order to charge his Power Ring from a Green Lantern Power Battery. However, the Power Battery was not there and the entire company building disappearing leaving the stunned Green Lantern alone in the desert. It was only then that the true nature of the Ferris Aircraft illusion came to pass.

The Qwardians including Chomin sought to gain possession of the Green Lanterns Power Battery and use an object transmitter to bring it to their room. However, they were unable to see or touch the battery and thus used a Q-Ray to cast the object's shadow onto the wall so they could uncover its position. Unknown to them, the Qwardians were also being observed by Tom Kalmaku and later Hal Jordan returned to the real Ferris Aircraft only to uncover that his power battery was gone. After being told of the actions of the Qwardian spies, the Green Lantern attempted to gain back his power battery but could not stop it from entering into the Anti-Matter Universe. Travelling into this dark realm, the Green Lantern ultimately managed to get it back but was unable to charge his power ring in the Anti-Matter Unierse. At that point, the Weaponers of Qward had been probing his mind and uncovered his moment of weakness and attacked; seemingly blasting Jordan with a yellow ray gun that killed him. In truth, this victory was only an illusion as Hal Jordan had used his power ring to turn himself invisible and managed to escape before the Weaponers of Qward learnt of their failure. Upon returning to the positive matter universe, Hal Jordan recharged his power ring and captured Chomin and his fellow Qwardian spy.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

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