The Circle Of Fire
Circle of Fire
General Information
Founder(s): Kyle Rayner
Leader(s): Kyle Rayner
Current Members: None
Former Members: Alexandra DeWitt
Hunter Rayner
Forest Rayner
Green Lightning
Emerald Knight
Status: Inactive
Base of Operations: Kyle Rayners Mind



A group of five heroes who claimed to be descendants of the Green Lanterns from various points in the time frame known as the Circle of Fire. They included an alternate version of Kyle Rayner's deceased girlfriend Alexandra DeWitt who had a power ring, two juvenile counsins called Hunter Rayner and Forest Rayner, a descendant of Wally West and Kyle known as the Green Lightning, a reprogrammed Manhunter known as G.L.7177.6 and a Green Lantern from the Middle Ages known as the Emerald Knight.

The Mind of Kyle RaynerEdit

Leading this group, Kyle split them up in order to handle the various crises that were created by Oblivion and also find a way to defeat him. Oblivion later struck and killed Forest Rayner and Kyle charged at the supervillain only to be drawn into his own mind. It was there he came to the conclusion that all the members of the Circle of Fire were in fact aspects of Kyle's own persona given form by the power ring. Realizing this, the various members of the Circle re-entered Kyle's mind and enabled him to access powers greater than he possessed before.



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