General Information
Real name: Clonus
First Appearance: TBA
Created by: TBA
Affiliations: Controllers
Abilities: TBA
Portrayed by: TBA



Clonus was a renegade member of the Controllers civilization who took a Human wife called Velissa. Unlike his brother Controllers, Clonus adopted the practice of cloning beings but the process was deeply flawed as it created beings that turned into murderous monsters that savagely enslaved entire planetary populations. At the time, Clonus had not only cloned himself but also cloned his Human wife. The creatures he had cloned eventually broke free from his laboratories where they kidnapped his wife Velissa in order to feed on her suffering. This led Clonus to become involved in attempting to stop his own creations which began to attract the attentions of others in the galaxy.


One of the victims of the Controllers experiments were a group of superpowered beings called the Wanderers. Each of them were murdered by the clone beasts and Clonus felt guilt over the action of his creation. Thus, he decided to use his science to recreate the Wanderers by cloning them whilst changing their genetic structure to make them more powerful. When they awoke, a clone of Clonus explained to them the circumstances of what had happened and of their enhanced powers. Together, they searched for the Wanderers killers but during their search, Clonus' both prime and cloned body were destroyed by another Controller who had hunted him due to his crimes against the universal nature which his species abided.

Despite his death, Clonus managed to survive in his ships computer through a code data-pyramid and later assisted in tracking down the clone monsters. Eventually, the Wanderers found and killed the children of Clonus on a planetoid in the Naranga System. However, the Controller hunter who had targeted Clonus was himself possessed by one of the creatures but managed to explain the true magnitude of the truth posed by the children of Clonus. Due to the chain of events, Velissa came to hate Clonus as she blamed him for her suffering but eventually came to the realization that he loved her. She later provoked Dartalon to express hatred at Clonus for turning him into a monster which severed the link with the clones and thus killed Velissa as well as caused an earthquake which buried the children of Clonus.

He later assisted the Wanderers on their numerous adventures but later erased himself from the ships memory banks thus ending his own existence as he believed the group was capable of operating on their own.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

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  • In the Pre-Crisis continuity, the Controllers were completely unrelated to the Guardians of the Universe and thus its not known whether Clonus exists within the DC continuity.


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