General Information
Real name: Dennap
Affiliations: Formerly:
Guardians of the Universe
Home Planet: Oa



Dennap was a female Oan who was born following the rebirth of the Guardians of the Universe after their near destruction at the hands of Parallax. She was present on her homeworld with Ganthet when the older Oan diverted a teleportation beam from Earth in order to save John Stewart from a reborn Burning Martian. Badly wounded, Ganthet was involved in healing him though Dennap did not understand why he was so frustrated and adamant to save the Green Lantern as she commented that their Green Lantern Power Rings did not make them immortal or invulnerable to death. However, Ganthet revealed that John Stewart's injury was due to one of his peoples ancient actions - namely their defeat and mass genetic manipulation of the Martian race in the distant past.


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