Green Lantern
Donna Parker
General Information
Real name: Donna Parker
First Appearance: Green Lantern Quarterly#4 (Spring 1993)
Created by: Joe Edkin
Jeff Hedzel
Mac Myers
Affiliations: Formerly Green Lantern Corps
Sector: Space Sector 2814
Home Planet: Earth


Donna Parker

Former Green Lantern Donna Parker


Donna Parker was a school teacher in the early 1950s Nebraska and a mother of three. Although her husband had been killed serving in the Korean War, Donna was a strong woman who cared and provided for her children on her own. It was this strength which first caught the attention of the Guardians of the Universe.

Green Lantern CorpsEdit

Despite the fact that the legendary Abin Sur protected Space Sector 2814, the Guardians were concerned enough over Earth's early experimentation with nuclear weaponry, that they considered appointing a Green Lantern solely to protect humanity from destroying itself. The Guardians believed that humanity had not proven itself responsible enough to wield such power, necessitating their direct involvement. Donna Parker was chosen among all others to be the Green Lantern of Earth and combat the growing threat of nuclear war. Donna was approached by the Guardians and offered the great honor of joining the Green Lantern Corps. Although she was amazed by the power of a Green Lantern, Donna declined the offer, explaining that her children needed her more. The Guardians seemingly abandoned the plan to appoint a Lantern exclusively to Earth. The planet would not see another human join the ranks of the Green Lantern Corps until Hal Jordan was chosen by the mortally wounded Abin Sur. Presumably, Donna Parker continued to live a happy life in Nebraska with her children; her current status is unknown.

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