General Information
Former Members: Joseph Gardner
Status: Defunct
Base of Operations: Draalian Arm
Takk Nebula



Draal is an alien race that created an ingenious scheme for the cloning of Green Lanterns to infiltrate other worlds,to conquer them. Using a system of spacial displacement, Draal kidnapped Lantern Bivvix the post in a force field that drains the power of the ring, then he would use Xanoglyph, a being with telepathic abilities to transfer the memories and thoughts of Bivvix for your clone, for so they can fool even the Guardians of the Universe. The Green Lantern Graf Toren, Gpaak, RRU-9-2 and Voz were for clues to the Bivvix's whereabouts, but were captured and held prisoner in an area surrounded by a densefield of neuron, to be cloned again. Arriving at Space Sector 2814, the Draal wanted to capture Hal Jordan to transfer their thoughts to complete the complete clone, it made years ago, the Draal Hive although Hal Jordan has chosen as his target, the ship's sensors showed that Guy Gardner had Sinestro's ring which made it more powerful.

In New York, Guy is led by Displacement Beam to the Draal ship,was quickly stunned to be put in the force field, and he can still resist Draals. During the memory transfer, Guy began a change their memories as a means to manipulate the clone,seemingly in vain. After being incarcerated again, Gardner gun an escape plan using the cell battery of RRU-9-2, the body gelatinous of Gpaak to blow up the force field, but reconstituted itself. Believing that Joseph Gardner was able to defeat them with Sinestro's ring, but this proved to be inexperienced to use it and exhaust their energy. Taking advantage of the situation Guy walks into a melee with his clone, while the other Green Lanterns took weapons and were released by Draal. The majority of Draal just dying fight against of the Green Lanterns, but not before transferring to Joseph how to use the ring and brings it to Earth in the final battle, the last of Draal were killed and Green Lanterns were able to take control Draal ship. Upon his request, Guy Gardner left on earth to fight his clone. Along with Justice League America, Guy hammered in his first clone of a clone of triangulation location for transport. The clone was brought aboard the ship before Draal and stripped of his yellow power ring. Qwardian The ring was then sent to its rightful owner. The Green Lantern came to get their rings of power back from their own replicas.



  • Displacement Beam


  • High Density Neuron Field
  • Yellow Energy Field




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