"Battle Cry"
Earth Two Vol 1-14 Cover-1
General Information
Series: Earth 2
Issue Number: 14
First Published: July 3, 2013
Previous Issue: Earth 2 #13
Next Issue: Earth 2 #15

Synopsis for "Battle Cry"Edit

Earth Two Vol 1-14 Cover-2

Earth 2 (Volume 1) Issue #14 Cover-2

In Dherain, Steppenwolf's forces are preparing for war with the World Army, expecting them at any day. However, they are not expecting the sudden attack by Green Lantern, The Flash, and Doctor Fate. Alan Scott had anticipated that the World Army would not likely take action immediately. He hoped this would work to their advantage, as he and the other new masked heroes needed the world on their side, so as not to be made enemies of the World Army as well as Steppenwolf. In order to build public support, he planned for them to go to Dherain in advance of the World Army, and do all they can to soften the enemy, if not defeat Steppenwolf themselves. Then, Alan's company GBC would do the rest of the work, thanks to its spin-machine. Soon, Steppenwolf receives word of the new Wonders attack, and releases his own hounds to face them. As Dherain's army advances on the Wonders, they are surprised when a hail of arrows and bullets bring down the majority of that army. It is Wesley Dodds and his Sandmen; the World Army has arrived. Along with them, The Atom and the newcomer, Red Arrow. Meanwhile, Amar Khan and General Foster plan their attack on Steppenwolf, and the General announces his intention to bring the criminal before the Courts of the Free World for his crimes. Khan warns that Steppenwolf is not as easily defeated as any other arrogant despot. Steppenwolf knows that Dherain cannot hope to stand up to the might of the World Army which begs the question of why he chose to resurface from hiding now after five years. The general has his orders, but he does not discount Khan's judgment. Besides, Khan's judgment is bolstered by the fact that he now has a genius at his side Michael Holt. Despite the fact that Foster's men are still en route, Khan's men the Sandmen are already there, and they are not pleased with the Wonders' attempt to beat them to the punch. Their gung-ho approach has undermined their stealthy attack. Though tensions are high between them, Alan brokers a deal: so long as the Sandmen don't try to kidnap or betray them, the Wonders will follow their lead. Though Dodds agrees, a sudden explosion within his ranks draws their attention to three newcomers those warriors sent by Steppenwolf to handle the super-human threat.

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  • Dherain
    • St. Draemyre
  • Manhattan
    • New York



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