Effigy Corps
General Information
Official name: Effigy Corps
Founder(s): Controllers
Leader(s): Effigy
Status: Inactive
Place of Formation: Controller Space Station

I serve the Controllers.



The Controllers brainwashed Effigy Corp


The Effigy Corps was an attempt by the Controllers to create a successful peacekeeping force that matched the destroyed Green Lantern Corps that had been used by their cousins; the Guardians of the Universe. Previously, the Controllers had created the Darkstars which was administered by NEMO but that group eventually was devastated at the hands of Grayven and its last members finally perished to defeat the cosmic star vampire Starbreaker. This resulted in the Controllers attempting to find a new replacement and were later responsible for the creation of the supervillain Effigy who would serve as a prototype for this new corps. Following that time, the Controllers induced a powerful hallucination in the last Green Lantern; Kyle Rayner where in his mind he faced a number of foes that were transformed into members of the Effigy Corps. Amongst their number included Effigy himself, Fatality, a lone Manhunter android and Grayven's female minion as well as a myriad of other aliens. During this time, Rayner created his own imaginary Green Lantern Corps which he used to defeat the Effigy Corps and free himself from the hallucination.

Kyle Rayner afterwards pursued the Controllers in order to confront them over the attack they had made but uncovered the fact that they were really attempting to create an army of Effigies at one of their bases. His initial attack failed and the Controllers managed to disarm Rayner whilst he observed them creating their own corps. The process resulted in the transformation of sentient beings into mindless puppets that required direction but were powerful superpowered beings. But Rayner managed to call upon his Green Lantern Power Ring and severely damaged the Controller facility despite the release of the Effigy Corps. It was then revealed to the Controllers the folly in their creation as the Oans had desired their servants to possess willpower whilst the Effigy Corps were devoid of it and required instructions. As they were not ordered to protect the transformation chambers, Green Lantern Rayner was able to easily damage the base as well as defeat the Effigies. After this incident, the Controllers seemingly lost interest in continuing the process in creating the Effigy Corps.

During the War of Light, the Controllers sought to tame one of the aspects of the Emotional Spectrum and harness the light to create their own corps. This led to them journeying to the Vega System where Larfleeze commented that all the Controllers previous creations such as the Darkstars, Effigy Platoon and the Beta Men were failures.


Kyle Rayner


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