Emerald Plains
General Information
Official name: Emerald Plains
Created by: Peter Tomasi
Fernando Pasarin
First Appearance: Green Lantern Corps (Vol 3) #4
Galaxy: Unknown
Star System: Unknown
Planet: Urak
Country: Unknown
State: Unknown
Locale: Unknown



The Emerald Plains was a field on the planet Urak that was located at the very edge of the universe. Its existence came after the Guardians of the Universe sought out a place for safe storage of Power Batteries following it becoming apparent that numerous Green Lanterns faced critical moments where they needed to charge their Power Rings. To alleviate this problems, the Oans sought out a safe haven and found the unique planet of Urak that had unique properties at its core that allowed a temporal conduit between a Green Lantern Power Ring and a Green Lantern Power Battery. Upon encountering the planet, they discovered a native species that were struggling on the barren world and formed a pact with them. In exchange for a better existence on their world, the Guardians asked these natives to protect the Power Batteries and maintain them during their time on Urak. Thus, the species became known as the Keepers who maintained the Power Batteries in the Emerald Plains.

Prisoners of WarEdit

This existence remained the case until 2012 when the Guardians returned to Urak only to remove all the Power Batteries from the care of the Keepers. The act devastated the entire world leaving it a ruined husk and returning it to its barren state. This period was particularly traumatic to the Keepers who barely managed to survive. As a result, they became dedicated to restoring their world and getting revenge on the Oans for their actions. Thus, they began a campaign against the Green Lantern Corps and began killing Green Lanterns where they severed their Power Ring fingers. In addition, they began using a Stargate to steal natural resources from numerous worlds to restore their own. During these campaigns, they fought a large battle against the Green Lantern Corps where they manage to capture several members that were being led by John Stewart. After executing one of the captives, they took the remaining prisoners back to Urak where they showed them the Emerald Plains that only retained the shape of the Power Batteries that once occupied them. One of the Keepers told Stewart and the Green Lanterns to prepare to lose their willpower as well as possibly their lives as they crossed the Emerald Plains.


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