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Enhanced Intellect: functions as both a skill and a super-power. As a skill, it represents a greater capacity for cognitive thought, reason, planning and problem solving. While some individuals may come upon this trait naturally, others (known as polymaths) acquire it through intense study and determination. Batman is considered by many to be one of the most naturally intelligent people on the planet, possessing an encyclopedic knowledge on a wide variety of topics. In most cases however, those with great intelligence devote their gift towards one particular field of study. Some people may possess great intelligence even in contrast to a developmental or mental handicap. Steve Dayton (also known as Mento) is a scientific genius, despite the fact that he spent a significant portion of his career suffering from severe mental instability (as a result of prolonged exposure to his Mento helmet). In the DC Universe, such people are colloquially referred to as "Mad Scientists". Another example is Harold Allnut, an autistic savant who had also developed great proficiency in the field of mechanics.

Enhanced Intellect as a super-power represents people whose intelligence is greater than that of normal human capability. Often, this intelligence is developed through external factors such as scientific experimentation or accident.

In some cases, an individual’s capacity for learning is a characteristic of their heritage. In the 31st Century, Querl Dox prides himself on being a 12th level intellect. In Pre-Crisis as well as Post-Birthright continuity, the character of Superman is said to possess "Super-Intelligence". This is a product of his Kryptonian physiology as it is affected by exposure to ultraviolet radiation in a yellow sun star system.

Some characters may develop an enhanced intellect which contrasts to their previous state of being, but may not be considered exceptional by societal norms. Gnarrk and Blockbuster (Roland Desmond) both acquired "normal" human intelligence through alternative means, even though they possessed below average intelligence in previous situations.

Some characters, such as the Guardians of the Universe, possess super intelligence based on the origin of their anatomy, combined with the experience of several billion years. Therefore beings like the Guardians possess super-intellect because they are capable of attaining such a level of intelligence.