Evidence Vault
General Information
Official name: Evidence Vault
Created by: Robert Venditti
Billy Tan
First Appearance: Green Lantern (Vol 5) #21
Star System: Sto-Oa
Planet: Oa



The Evidence Vault was a chamber located in the Oan Citadel on the planet Oa which was the homeworld of the Guardians of the Universe. It served as a site where their Green Lantern Corps could store confiscated weapons and items for storage. Among the various beings defeated by the Green Lanterns was Agarushnawokliag, the Dismantler of Worlds whose energy weapon was kept within the vault.

Beware Our Power!Edit

After the defeat of Volthoom the First Lantern, the Green Lantern Corps faced an uncertain time as the former Guardians had all been slain. In their place were the Templar Guardians who felt that they had much to learn before they could take the mantle of leadership. This led to them asking White Lantern Kyle Rayner for a tour of the Evidence Vault where one of their number accidently discharged Agarushnawokliag's weapon. They met Hal Jordan in the chamber where they promoted him to the leader of the Corps whilst they embarked on a period of discovery in order to find their place in the cosmos.


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