Fallen Lanterns
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General Information
Official name: Memorial Hall
Aliases: Green Lantern Corps
Green Lantern Corps Honor Guard
Alpha Lantern Corps
The Corpse
First Appearance: Green Lantern Corps # 27
Created by: Peter Tomasi
Luke Ross
Founder(s): Guardians of the Universe
Current Members: List of Current Fallen Lanterns
Status: Active
Base of Operations: Oa
Place of Formation: Oa

History[edit | edit source]

Origin[edit | edit source]

Billions of years ago the oldest known beings, the Guardians of the Universe, created an inter-galactic police force to serve and protect the 3600 sectors of space. The Guardians recruited only the finest beings from a multitude of planets; those capable of overcoming great fear. The Guardians armed the Green Lantern Corps with power rings capable of harnessing the green spectrum of energy, the spectrum of willpower, which is collected and stored in the Central Power Battery on Oa. A Lantern unleashes the power of the ring by channeling their own willpower.

The life of a Lantern is filled with countless tests of strength and will. It has been reported that the average life span of a Green Lantern is four years, three months, one day, thirteen hours, and seven minutes. Despite these grim statistics, the Green Lantern Corps has endured for countless millennium. Although a Lantern may fall in combat, or by the hazards of space, his power ring will carry on and seek out a worthy successor to carry on the fight. Although many have died, their deeds and their sacrifice are forever remembered. Those brave souls who gave their lives in the service of the Corps live on in the Crypts of Oa. Under the watchful eye of the Lantern's Crypt Keeper Morro, the Honored Fallen Lanterns are memorialized; their images preserved in perpetual statues of Oan energy. The Fallen Lanterns serve to honor those who came before, and inspire those that now serve.

The Blackest Night[edit | edit source]

During the Blackest Night, swarms of black power rings descended through the universe from Ryut. One swarm of black power rings invaded the Crypts of Oa, despite the best efforts of the lanterns to stop them, and reanimated the honored dead into members of the Black Lantern Corps. As undead Black Lanterns, they fought against the living Lanterns of the very corps they proudly served in life. Soon, Mogo expelled them all, living and dead, and pull the Black Lanterns into his core, where they would "burn for eternity". After these events, a tree of life was put in memory of all the honored dead, with leaves that have the face of every one.

War of the Green Lanterns[edit | edit source]

The fallen lanterns were still trapped on Mogo's core after Krona took control of the corps. After failing to free Mogo of Krona's Control because of the black lanterns, Indigo Tribesman John Stewart, seeing no other way, tapped into the Black Lantern's energy, and shot at Mogo's core, killing the planet.

The Honored Dead of The Green Lantern Corps

The Fallen Lanterns and How They Died[edit | edit source]

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