Fear Itself[edit | edit source]

Hal and Kilowog visit an alien planet in search of food, but encounter two warring races of aliens.

Hal Jordan

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Aya informs Kilowog, Hal Jordan, and Razer that the Interceptor is out of rationed food. In order to replenish their supplies, the Interceptor lands at a nearby habitable planet and the two Green Lanterns are given scanners to find compatible biological lifeforms. Razer does not need to accompany them because his species has a long-term storage organ in their bodies for food. Kilowog instead finds a village of natives. The tribespeople appear to be using a yellow crystal as an iron substitute, making weapons and armor from it. Meanwhile, Hal encounters a different alien altogether near a large strip mine. The floating jellyfish-like aliens are mining yellow crystal and taking it away from the planet.

Kilowog's natives and Hal's floaters come into conflict because the tribespeople believe the floaters are taking away a vital resource to their primitive tribe. Unbeknownst to them, the yellow crystal present is the same yellow crystal found in the Spider Guild prison, sapping the Green Lantern's Power Rings when in close proximity, as well as causing fear when in close contact with humanoids. The floaters are immune to the crystal, and striving to remove it from the tribepeople's planet to remove its' influence from them. In a large battle the affected Kilowog and the tribepeople attack the floating jellyfish, until Hal can convince Kilowog about the yellow crystal. The episode ends with the floaters taking the tribepeople's sacred statues from their village, which had been made from yellow crystal.

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