Fear Lodge
General Information
Official name: Fear Lodge
First Appearance: Green Lantern Vol 4 20 (July, 2007)
Type: Item
Used by: Sinestro Corps



Following the rebirth of the Green Lantern Corps and Hal Jordan, the renegade Sinestro who was revealed to had been also alive had escaped into the Anti-Matter Universe where he came into the service of the Anti-Monitor. There, he enslaved the Weaponers of Qward in order to create the weapons for his own twisted version of the Green Lantern Corps known as the Sinestro Corps who were based on the power of fear in the Emotional Spectrum. After the creation of the Qwardian Central Power Battery and Qwardian Power Rings, a method of training as well as recruitment began which occurred secretly on Qward.

In order to truly tap into the power of fear, the Weaponers constructed the Fear Lodges; these shells were made as a way of testing newly recruited members of the Sinestro Corps. With their initial training complete by Arkillo, the recruit was sent to the Archive Tower where the Keeper of the Book of Parallax; Lyssa Drak oversaw the initiates entry into the fear lodge. Once inside, they were sealed inside the container where they remained in complete darkness. The only way to exit it was by embracing their greatest fear which in turn caused their Qwardian Power Ring to spark and later open the lodge thus marking the recruits official entry into the Sinestro Corps. However, the process was not always a success and some failed in their task leading to them never being able to open the fear lodge. These unfortunate recruits thus die of starvation and thirst whilst others were driven mad by their fears leading to them killing themselves.

Sinestro CorpsEdit

One of the many recruits within the Sinestro Corps was the sniper known as Bedovian, who never required training within one of the lodges, as he had lived in one for many centuries. From it, he participated in the assault against Oa to free the other supervillains that would become members of the Heralds of The Anti-Monitor who in turn would lead the Sinestro Corps in the coming War.


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