Ferris Sabre III
Ferris Sabre III
General Information
Official name: Ferris Sabre III
First Appearance: Green Lantern (Film)
Type: Vehicle
Used by: Ferris Aircraft


X-97 UCAV Sabre

The Ferris Sabre III


The Ferris Sabre III was a newly developed drone-like aircraft developed on Earth in the early 21st century. Its design and construction was achieved by Ferris Aircraft for the United States military for use as combat equipment. This craft contained a state of the art artificial intelligence system that had all the flight as well as combat abilities of a human pilot but was advertised as holding none of the flaws. A lesser known fact was that these craft stalled at 50,000 feet in the air. Carol Ferris conducted numerous simulations against the drones only to lose every time. A simulated test was launched for military observers from Air Force Acquisitions where two of Carl Ferris's top pilots were to fight against a pair of Sabre craft. Among the test pilots was Hal Jordan and Carol Ferris who took part in the Ferris Test. Despite their attempt, Ferris herself was defeated though Jordan took his plane high into the air which caused the Sabre III's to stall and fail. However, this act heavily disappointed Carl Ferris who intended to market the drones and faced a financial loss for the destruction of all the craft involved in the test.



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