Green Lantern Corps
General Information
Official name: Fists of The Guardians
First Appearance: Green Lantern: Emerald Dawn II #4
Founder(s): Guardians of the Universe
Allies: Guardians of the Universe
Alpha Lantern Corps
The Corpse
Green Lantern Corps Honor Guard
Green Lantern Corps
Status: Inactive
Base of Operations: Oa
Place of Formation: Oa



The three "Fists of The Guardians" were utilized to apprehend the Green Lanterns Sinestro of Sector 1417 and Hal Jordan of Sector 2814. The Fists of the Guardians were created by the Guardians of the Universe, as the their 2nd Generation of Robotic Enforcers. Presumably, the Fists were created with similar technology to their predecessors, the unstable robotic army known as the Manhunters. This similarity might have led to the Fists apparent deactivation.

Green Lantern CorpsEdit

The Fists of the Guardians tracked the pair through space to an Earth prison. Sinestro and Jordan were placed under arrest and ordered to Oa for investigation of the Anti-Green Lantern uprising on the planet Korugar. Before the two Lanterns could be taken into custody, the robotic trio were distracted by a rioting crowd or prisoners. Sinestro made his escape while Jordan agreed to stay where he was and await the summons from Oa. With Jordan secured, the Fists of the Guardians pursued Sinestro. Sinestro was stopped before he could jump into sub-space, and finally caught after a few miles' chase. In addition to the prior charges against Sinestro, the Fists of the Guardians added flight from arrest, assault on arresting officers, and needless damage to a sector not under his jurisdiction. Bound and gagged, Sinestro was brought to Oa for judgment. In the court of the Guardians, the Fists stood guard and observed the procedures. Sinestro was found guilty and sent to the anti-matter universe. The Fists have not been seen since the trial of Sinestro and they are believed to be decommissioned. They are survived somewhat by the advent of the Alpha Lanterns and the Honor Guard Guy Gardner, who wears a uniform similar to the Fist of the Guardians.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

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  • Guy Gardner has a similar outfit to the Fists of The Guardians


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