Ganthet GLAnimated
General Information
Real name: Ganthet
Media: Green Lantern: The Animated Series
Portrayed by: Ian Abercrombie (Voice)
Transportation: Flight



Ganthet makes his first appearance in episode 1, "Beware My Power: Part One" during the Guardians' interrogation of Hal Jordan for his apparent assault of a foreign diplomat during a peace negotiation. Ganthet points out to Appa Ali Apsa that Jordan's accusations that the diplomat was using his diplomatic immunity to excuse his illegal slave ring were in fact true. He witnessed the return of a ring from a deceased Green Lantern, and participated in the explanation to Salaak, Jordan, and Kilowog about the Green Lantern's expansion of jurisdiction into what the Guardians called "Guardian Frontier Space", the space beyond the 3600 sectors of space that the Green Lantern Corps operates in.

Behind The Scenes at Oa

Ganthet later accompanied Hal and Kilowog on a "stroll" that took them passed the Interceptor, and indirectly gave Hal the idea to use it to go and search for the source of trouble in Guardian Frontier Space. When Jordan and Kilowog hijack Aya to go to Frontier Space, Ganthet and the other Guardians attempt to stop them, although Ganthet gave a satisfied smile when the ship blasted away from Oa. Following Hal and Kilowog's run in with Razer and Zilius Zox, Ganthet appeared in hologram form aboard Aya along with Appa and Sayd. Appa dismissed the news of Red Lanterns as a story, but Sayd and Ganthet show genuine concern. Back on Oa, Sayd is visibly disturbed by the news of Red Lanterns, and makes a reference to an event not being recorded in the Book of Oa about the Red Lanterns, to which Ganthet enigmatically replies that history is written, or rewritten, by the victors.

Regime Change

When Hal and Kilowog directly confronted Ganthet via hologram about the accusations Atrocitus and his Red Lanterns made of the Guardians, Ganthet confessed to the massacre caused eons ago. Ganthet then sought out Appa Ali Asa to convince the Guardian Council to openly acknowledge their past actions that had caused Atrocitus to seek revenge. Instead, Appa betrayed Ganthet to the Council over Hal Jordan's stealing of the Interceptor and banished him from Oa before Ganthet could bring the past sins of the Guardians to light. Sayd helped Ganthet temporarily return from exile to activate the prototype Blue Lantern Power Battery disguised as Hal Jordan's Power Battery onboad the Interceptor before Ganthet left Oa for good.

Powers and Abilities


  • The extent of Ganthet's powers in this series is unknown. Outside of the comics, the Guardians' powers are usually severely downgraded.


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Ganthet Guardian of Hope



  • As with many of his depictions in Green Lantern media, Ganthet represents the voice of understanding and tolerance amongst the Guardians, as opposed to Appa Ali Apsa's staunch position of adhering strictly to rules.


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