General Information
Real name: Gion
First Appearance: Green Lantern Vol.3 #185
Created by: TBA
Affiliations: Green Lantern Corps
Sector: Unknown
Home Planet: Feron
Partner: None
Abilities: Green Lantern Power Ring
Portrayed by: None



The Green Lantern of Feron served the Green Lantern Corps for over 500 years, based primarily out of his home world of Feron. The Green Lantern originally acted as a standard “superhero” on his world, using his power to aid his people whenever disaster or violence threatened their safety and wellbeing. As the years passed, the people of Feron began to rely on their Lantern's service as an indispensable part of their society. The Green Lantern was constantly informed of danger through a system of alarms designed to alert the protector whenever disaster struck.

Yet, despite his presence, the Green Lantern could not stop war from raging across the globe. After many had died, the Green Lantern further strengthened his role as his planet's premier protector by dictating terms of peace to the warring armies. For decades after, the Green Lantern was relied on by the people of Feron for his judgment and guidance.

When the time came for the Lantern to retire from the Corps, Feron was buzzing with speculation as to their champion’s successor. The people had come to rely on and expect the services of a Green Lantern and all were anxious to find out the identity of their next emerald warrior.

However, before he retired, the elderly Green Lantern of Feron made a surprising request of the masters he had long and faithfully served. The Lantern asked the Guardians of the Universe to issue an order making Feron off limits to the next protector of his space sector. The Guardians understood that their veteran deeply regretted how dependant and helpless his people had become, having relied on his power to solve their world's problems for so very long. Although they felt this measure was drastic, the Guardians honored the Lantern's request and made Feron off limits to that sector's next protector.

The people of Feron were stunned by this decision. Fear soon took hold as the people rioted in the streets. The Green Lantern of Feron simply flew home to his wife, Miranda, looking back with hope that someday the people of Feron would regain the self-reliance he had helped them to lose.

It is unknown whether or not the Green Lantern of Feron had reenlisted following the reformation of the Corps or if he has chosen to remain retired. To date, the fate of Feron has not been reported but, for reasons unexplained, he is currently presumed deceased.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

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