Great Hall of The Guardians
General Information
Official name: Great Hall of The Guardians
Created by: Geoff Johns
Doug Mahnke
First Appearance: Green Lantern #59
Star System: Sto-Oa
Planet: Oa



The Great Hall of The Guardians was a celestial chamber used by the Guardians of the Universe and was located in the Space Sector 0000 on the planet Oa. It served as a private meeting chamber where the Oans gathered in order to discuss matters of cosmic importance as well as received updates on the status on their Green Lantern Corps members through the Senior Administrator. The Great Hall consisted of a starry chamber with a central mass of emerald energy emanating from the floor as well as several black pillars rising in a circular pattern where an alcove sat on the top from which a Guardian stood.


On the Prison Planet, Al Magone managed to disrupt the temporal barrier that isolated the many inmates in their own time era by accidently using a Micro-Nucleo Energy charge within an alien space probe. This allowed all the criminals to gather and he brought them under his rule where he organized them as a force against the Green Lantern Corps. Mining the local materials and using the robot Diablo as a power source for Micro-Nucleo Energy, they departed the Prison Planet in spaceships in order to hunt down members of the Green Lantern Corps. Initially, they succeeded in killing thirteen such members which attracted the attention of the Guardians who used their Psi-Computers to analyse the situation. Learning the nature of the threat facing them, they summoned the Green Lantern Corps to assemble in the Honored Hall of the Guardians where they were briefed of the emergent threat from the Prison Planet as well as tasked them with defeating the freed prisoners.

After The Blackest Night, Salaak who served as Senior Administrator of the Green Lantern Corps met with the Guardians in the Great Hall in order to discuss the rogue actions of Hal Jordan. Whilst the Oans remarked that they felt little cause for concern as Jordan had proven that despite his inability to follow their authority - he had always worked for the good of the Corps. Salaak spoke his mind that his position allowed him to watch over the communications center where all Green Lantern actions were transcribed for recording into the Book of Oa yet Jordan's remained strangely silent. When the Guardians asked for the Alpha Lantern Corps to be dispatched - Salaak advised that an individual from Earth instead be sent on a surveillance mission on Jordan to ensure he did not act outside the system in place to oversee the Corps.


  • In Green Lantern Vol 2 55, the chamber where the Guardians meet with their Green Lanterns resembles a court room with the Oans standing high and is referred to as the Honored Hall of the Guardians. Whilst in Brightest Day, its called the Great Hall - presumably, despite differences in appearance, these two are one and the same.


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