Green Lantern: New Guardians #18
Green Lantern New Guardians-18 Cover-1
General Information
Series: Green Lantern: New Guardians (Volume 1)
Issue Number: 18
First Published: March 20, 2013
Previous Issue: Green Lantern: New Guardians #17
Next Issue: Green Lantern: New Guardians #19

Synopsis for "Wrath of The First Lantern, Part Seven: Paths Untaken"

In the skies over Iraq, Navy pilots Carol Ferris and Hal Jordan are under attack from drones with Hal's stealth jet compromised. Returning to their aircraft carrier the two begin to spat and it's clear that we are in an alternate reality where Carol did not trade the cockpit for the boardroom, leading to the insolvency of Ferris Aircraft and the suicide of her father. Across the universe, Volthoom is also working on Larfleeze by reuniting him with family. It's his son's birthday and all is going well until Larfleeze finds himself incapable of giving a present to his child, drawing the frustration of the First Lantern. Changing scene we join Saint Walker who is in this reality a Green Lantern who returns home to his family only to be called away by the Guardians on another mission. Despite it being his son's birthday, Saint Walker leaves Astonia to serve the greater good unaware that the Third Army are about to pounce on his homeworld. Back on Earth Hal and Carol are still at each other's throats when they find themselves suddenly under attack from Atlantis. Seriously outgunned Carol discovers that they've been betrayed by the company who bought out Ferris Aircraft and decides to use her jet as a missile to take out the Atlanteans. Back in space Saint Walker decides to put his family first and returns to Astonia to discover everyone being assimilated by the Third Army. Rather than provide Volthoom with the despair he's looking for, Saint Walker is able to rise above, breaking through the illusion and using his Blue Lantern abilities to save his family. Having underestimated the New Guardian, Volthoom returns to a Blue Lantern Larfleeze, but like Saint Walker and Kyle Rayner, the Orange Lantern is a little too much for Volthoom to handle at this early stage and he abandons his plan when Larfleeze is so easily able to throw off the illusion and returns to Carol's alternate life. Carol and Hal put aside their differences to put a plan into effect and as Hal provides a diversion while Carol heads to her jet. As she flies headlong towards the Atlantean vehicle she is driven by the love for her friends which allows her to snap out of the illusion and emerge from her jet in full on Star Sapphire mode. When she attempts to take on Volthoom by herself she finds herself outclassed and she leaves to find Kyle Rayner as Volthoom undoes the illusion puzzled by his ineffectiveness against the New Guardians and ready to set his sights on Atrocitus.

Appearing in "Wrath of The First Lantern, Part Seven: Paths Untaken"

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