Green Lantern: New Guardians
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General Information
Type: Monthly Series
Total Issues: 44
Published: September 28, 2011 - March 18, 2015
Creators: Tony Bedard
Justin Jordan
Tyler Kirkham
Harvey Tolibao
Aaron Kuder
Andres Guinaldo
Brad Walker
Andrew Hennessy
Diogenes Neves
Marc Deering
Rafael Albuquerque
Rags Morales
Stephen Segovia
Geraldo Borges


Who are The New Guardians? The Power of Rage, Avarice, Fear, Will, Hope, Compassion and Love combine to be the most powerful (and colorful) team in the corps under the leadership of Kyle Rayner. Beware their power . . . and their volatility! GREEN LANTERN: THE NEW GUARDIANS #1 will be written by Tony Bedard and illustrated with cover by Tyler Kirkham, Batt and Harvey Tolibao.

Green Lantern: New Guardians (Volume 1) Story Arcs

  • Green Lantern: New Guardians Vol 1: The Ring Bearer

Green Lantern: New Guardians (Volume 1) Issues


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