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Green Lantern
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General Information
Real name: Harold Jordan
First Appearance: Showcase (Vol 1) #22
Created by: John Broome
Gil Kane
Affiliations: Green Lantern Corps
Justice League
New Guardians
Sinestro Corps
White Lantern Corps
Blue Lantern Corps
Red Lantern Corps
Orange Lantern Corps
Black Lantern Corps
Green Lantern Corps Honor Guard
The Spectre
Life Entity
Justice League of America
Justice League Europe
Sector: Space Sector 0000
Space Sector 2814
Home Planet: Earth
Partner: Formerly:
Green Lantern (John Stewart)
Green Lantern (Guy Gardner)
Green Lantern (Kyle Rayner)
Abilities: Green Lantern Ring Mastery
Skilled Boxer
Expert Pilot
Portrayed by: Gerald Mohr (Voice)
Michael Rye (Voice)
Kevin Smith (Voice)
Adam Baldwin (Voice)
Dermot Mulroney (Voice)
Loren Lester (Voice)
Josh Keaton (Voice)
Howard Murphy
David Boreanaz (Voice)
Christopher Meloni (Voice)
Nolan North (Voice)
Justin Kirk (Voice)
Nathan Fillion (Voice)
Ryan Reynolds


Green Lantern Hal Jordan


Harold 'Hal' Jordan was born in Coast City to parents Martin Jordan and Jessica Jordan, the middle of three children with older brother Jack and a younger brother Jim. As a young child, he idolized his father, a test pilot who worked for Ferris Aircraft. At a very young age, he had to face his greatest fears when his father died in a plane crash. Despite his family's wishes, he followed in his father's footsteps and eventually joined the United States Air Force as soon as he was eligible. Many years later, a dying alien named Abin Sur who had been a member of the Green Lantern Corps crash-landed his ship in the Californian desert. Selecting a replacement officer for his position as a Green Lantern, the Green Lantern Power Ring chose Hal Jordan for his ability to overcome great fear. The ring and its abilities were explained to him, and he inherited the mantle of Green Lantern. Acting as a galactic police officer, it was his job to serve and protect all life in Space Sector 2814. He would soon learn that there were another 3600 Green Lanterns across the universe, all monitored and empowered by mystical creatures called the Guardians. Hal received training from some of the best The Corps had to offer, including drill sergeant Kilowog, and his mentor Sinestro. While training, he learned that Sinestro had been subjugating Korugar using the ring. He reported these acts to the Guardians. Hal then battled Sinestro and was victorious. Sinestro then got expelled from the Corps and banished to the Anti-Matter Universe, finally becoming a sworn enemy of the Corps and then got a new Qward power ring, beginning his revenge. As Green Lantern, Hal patrolled the galaxy and went on many missions in space. He continued to spend his time at home working at Ferris Aircraft, where he romantically pursued his boss, the lovely Carol Ferris. He would entrust his secrets to a young Eskimo lad who worked as his mechanic, Tom Kalmaku.

Green Lantern

Green Lantern's Hal Jordan and Abin Sur

Justice League of America

Green Lantern was one of the founding members of the Justice League, along with The Flash, Aquaman, The Martian Manhunter and Black Canary. This group first banded together when they met to fight Appellaxians invading the planet, and realized that they worked much stronger as a team than any of them could have individually.

Hard Traveling Heroes

Hal and Oliver Queen are good friends, often adventuring together. Hal was also friends with the late Barry Allen, The Second Flash, who, along with Hal, were both founding members of the Justice League of America. Later still, Hal retained a friendship with their respective sidekicks, Roy Harper and Wally West.

Green Lantern's Hal Jordan and Sinestro

Star Sapphire

Something of a ladies man, Hal had courted more than his share of beautiful women in his time. Of these women, the one to whom Hal may have been closest was Carol Ferris, who was his boss when he worked as a test pilot for her company, Ferris Aircraft. Unfortunately, their relationship was repeatedly strained by Carol's position as Hal's boss and her dedication to running her company, as well as Hal going through a period of instability where he moved around constantly trying new jobs that did not suit him. Even worse, Carol was chosen by the Zamarons to be Star Sapphire, a powerful super-villainess who repeatedly menaced the world, specifically men.

Hal Jordan is Parallax


One of the greatest secrets kept by the Guardians was that their infamous yellow impurity was in fact an ancient monster named Parallax who they had imprisoned in their Central Power Battery. Parallax was the physical embodiment of fear on the Emotional Spectrum, the opposite of the green willpower. After the greatest tragedy of his life took away everything he held dear, Hal became susceptible to fear, and the monster gained root in his consciousness through his ring. Through influencing his actions, it would eventually possess him and turn him into one of the greatest villains the universe had ever seen.

Emerald Twilight

Hal Jordan's home Coast City had been completely destroyed by Cyborg Superman and Mongul I during Reign of The Supermen in a gigantic explosion, reducing it to a smoldering crater and all 7 million inhabitants dead. Returning to Earth after the events of Trinity, Green Lantern was horrified, immediately went after Mongul and beat the galactic conqueror in single combat. Afterward, with everything he cherished piles of cinder and ash, Hal tried to use his ring to recreate Coast City in its entirety. This was a massive construct that required all of his ring's charge, and he began interacting with characters from his life who had perished in the slaughter. A projection of the Guardians was sent to him, furious that he was using his powers for personal reasons, and threatening him unless he immediately reported back to them for disciplinary action. Enraged that they would ignore the personal loss he had suffered in the name of the Corps and try to punish him for his humanity, Hal, driven insane by grief, decided to meet them head on and clash with the men who had destroyed his life. In this state of madness, he was intent on obtaining their vast powers so that he might recreate all he had lost. A team of the Green Lantern Corps' greatest warriors were sent to oppose him, and stop him before he could reach their homeworld. Hal Jordan single-handedly went through Boodikka, Kreon, Graf Toren, Honnu, Jack T. Chance, Ke'Haan, Laira and Tomar-Tu. He left all those he defeated floating in space, and took their rings in his possession, adding them to his collection. Touching down on Oa, he killed Kilowog in combat. His greatest adversary Sinestro was released from imprisonment to act as the last line of defense, and Hal snapped his neck. Then, he entered the Central Power Battery and absorbed the energies inside... killing the Guardians and effectively destroying the entire Green Lantern Corps. He emerged in the new identity of Parallax.

Zero Hour

As Parallax, Hal fought many of his former allies and Kyle Rayner, the newest Green Lantern, while attempting to restore Coast City. He conspired with Hank Hall to restart the universe and attempted to sway others to his cause by offering them wealth and power in this reborn universe, the purpose of which was to 'set things right.' Hal was ultimately defeated by heroes of Earth.

Final Night

Hal seemed to gain clarity, healing the paralyzed John Stewart and resurrecting Oliver Queen, who had died in an explosion. He extinguished his powers and sacrificed himself to destroy the Sun Eater and re-ignite Earth's sun.

Hal Jordan is now The Spectre


Some time later, The Spectre was without a host and demons sought to use it to their advantage. With the help of the Sentinels of Magic, Hal became the new host for The Spectre. Hal attempted to bend the Spectre's mission from vengeance to redemption, using his powers to remove the Star Sapphire persona from Carol. However, The Spectre was the stronger of the two minds, and Hal had little success. But the Spectre had alternate motives for attaching to Hal Jordan. He explained to Hal that the parasitic fear demon known as Parallax had taken him over while it was trapped by the Guardians in the Central Battery, having been awoken and directed to Hal by Sinestro. Though Parallax was able to suppress Hal and take over the Spectre, Hal was able to fight off Parallax and separate both Parallax and the Spectre from his soul. Ganthet sent a beacon of light to guide Hal's soul back to his body, and Hal Jordan was reborn as the Green Lantern. Together, with Kyle Rayner, John Stewart, Guy Gardner, and Kilowog, they defeated Sinestro, foiling his ultimate goal of eliminating the Corps, re-imprisoned Parallax back in the Central Power Battery, and the Green Lantern Corps was reborn.

The Rebirth of Hal Jordan

Sinestro Corps War

Seeking to atone for his actions while under Parallax's influence, he has become the Green Lantern of Sector 2814 once again. He also rejoined the Justice League, despite Batman's seeming mistrust of him. Hal also got a new test pilot job at Coast City, which he had subconsciously rebuilt while Parallax was reemerging. Hal later helped rescue various missing Green Lanterns from Hank Henshaw and the Manhuters on Biot, including some he had battled during his Parallax induced rampage toward Oa, as well as his former lover Arisia. During the Sinestro Corps War, Coast City was targeted for destruction by the Sinestro Corps, and Hal urged the city to evacuate. Instead, people all over the city put out green lights in support of Hal and the corps. Hal and Kyle Rayner were able to defeat Sinestro in hand to hand combat, and place him under arrest, ending the war.

War of Light

Red Lantern Hal Jordan

Rage of The Red Lanterns

After the events of the Sinestro Corps War, Hal is one of the Green Lanterns chosen to escort Sinestro to Korugar, where Sinestro will be executed. Upon arrival, the escort team is ambushed by the Sinestro Corps, and again later by the Red Lantern Corps. The Red Lanterns capture Sinestro, leaving both Green Lantern and Sinestro Corps members behind to die. Hal, and the rest of the Green Lanterns, are then rescued by the Blue Lantern Saint Walker. He accompanies Walker to Odym, home of the Blue Lantern Corps, were he witnesses the induction of a new Blue Lantern, Brother Warth. Hal argues with Ganthet about rescueing Sinestro, only for him to agree to said rescue. Hal then reluctantly teams up with Walker and Warth to rescue Sinestro from Atrocitus. In a conversation with Walker, he then discovers Ganthet is expecting him to join the Blue Lantern Corps as its leader. On Ysmault, Hal is then captured by the Red Lanterns, and hung from a cross, right next to Sinestro. The Blue Lanterns, and the Sinestro Corps, who arrived moments before, then free Hal Jordan and Sinestro, respectively. Trying to free Laira from the influence of the Red Lantern Power Ring, Hal nearly succeeds before seeing Laira killed by Sinestro. Losing all self-control, Hal's dormant anger unleashes as he attempts to murder Sinestro, which attracts a Red Lantern Power Ring, inducting him into the Red Lantern Corps. Under the influence of the Red Lantern Power Ring, Hal attacks both the Sinestro Corps and Blue Lanterns. Unlike the other Red Lanterns, Hal is indeed able to create constructs with the Red Lantern Power Ring. When Hal again attempts to murder Sinestro, Walker forces his blue ring on Hal in a desperate attempt to free the Green Lantern from the Red Lantern Power Ring's influence. Successfully breaking the Red Lantern Power Ring's hold, Walker returns Hal to normal. Hal then attacks Atrocitus, during which the Red Lantern Power Ring explodes. While Atrocitusis left wounded, Hal remains unharmed, wearing a Green/Blue Lantern hybrid uniform, with neither Lantern knowing why.

Orange Lantern Hal Jordan

Agent Orange

Hal returns to Odym with Saint Walker and Warth to try and remove the blue ring. He meets up with Ganthet and Sayd to tell them he will not abandon the Green Lanterns to join the Blue Lanterns. Ganthet tells him this was never his intent to make him a Blue Lantern, but to become leader of the Blue Lantern Corps as Green Lantern, reasoning that Hal's willpower would be strong enough to power the whole Blue Lantern Corps. Less than thrilled of being thought of as a battery, Hal asked how to remove the blue ring. Ganthet explains that the only way to remove it is for Hal to use up the ring's charge, which he can only do if he has a spark of hope. Hal is then called back to Oa by the Guardians so that they can remove the blue ring themselves. The Guardians are unable to remove the blue ring, but continue to blast Hal with green energy in an attempt to destroy it. John stops them from continuing to blast Hal since it has no effect. Salakk informs the Guardians that Stel had an encounter with an Orange Lantern. A hologram of Larfleeze appears from Stel's body. Larfleeze gives demands to the Guardians, however, Scar destroys the hologram. Scar then requests a new law be made making the Vega System no longer off limits and that the Guardians get involved in the war themselves. Hal is one of the Green Lanterns chosen to travel with the Guardians to face Larfleeze. Larfleeze takes an interest in Hal's blue ring and decides to take him underground to separate him from the rest of the Lanterns. He demands Hal give him the blue ring. Hal has a conversation with Larfleeze wherein he learns that the Orange Lanterns are just constructs of the beings Larfleeze killed. After a brief battle, Hal agrees to give Larfleeze his blue ring, but only if Larfleeze tells him how he met the Guardians. Using the blue ring's recharging ability to his advantage, Hal creates an army of Green Lantern constructs to battle the Orange Lanterns. Realizing that Larfleeze's ring must be constantly recharged by his orange power battery to create his Orange Lanterns, Hal tries to steal the battery. While holding the battery Hal is under its influence, however Larfleeze takes his battery back and uses it to create a giant construct of himself. Unable to make a dent in his construct, Hal is frustrated that he is unable to make his Green Ring work. He knows that they'll beat Agent Orange, but he just doesn't see how. Suddenly, the Blue ring registers sincerity in Hal's belief that they will defeat Larfleeze, and unleashes a massive blast of blue light, destroying the Larfleeze construct. The ring then leaves his finger, and initiates a sector scan for Sector 2828. The Guardians make a new pact with Larfleeze but does not tell the Green Lanterns.

Hal Jordan vs The Black Lantern Corps

The Blackest Night

Hal meets The Flash at the unmarked grave of Bruce Wayne. The two friends discuss Bruce's death and their own deaths. Hal tells Barry that his funeral was attended by many people even those from different times and universes, while his own tombstone was desecrated not by enemies, but by old allies due to his actions as Parallax. Hal believes that after Barry died, villains became more deadly, and the Justice League was no longer untouchable. After discussing the deaths of Aquaman, Martian Manhunter, and Batman, the pair leave. Hal then comments that Barry died a saint, when he died a sinner. Hal, along with John, Guy, and Kyle, attend a parade in Coast City on the anniversary of Superman's death, which has become a national holiday for fallen heroes and the people they failed to save. Hal thinks about the deaths that have affected the four Earth Green Lanterns such as: his father, Martin Jordan; Abin Sur; Katma Tui; John's wife; Alex DeWitt and Jade, both former girlfriends of Kyle. He mentions that Ice's return from the dead makes Guy the only one of the four with a happy ending. After the parade, Hal meets up with Barry at the Hall of Justice, where the two look over the JLA morgue, which contains mostly super villain remains. Hal explains that super villain remains are put in a vault since Dick Grayson uncovered a corpse harvesting ring. The conversation leads Barry to question how many heroes died since he was gone, which Hal shows him through his ring. The pair are contacted by Alfred Pennyworth, who tells them that Bruce's grave was dug up and his skull is missing.

Hal and Barry go to Gotham to investigate, when the previously deceased J'onn J'onzz appears before them as a Black Lantern, telling them that they should both be dead. After fighting John, he retreats and Jordan and Barry continue investigating. He finds himself facing many of his deceased allies, enemies, and people he failed to save reanimated as undead Black Lanterns under the control of the Green Lantern Corps' ancient enemy Nekron. Hal finds himself not only teaming up with Barry Allen, who is also resurrected from his death, but also must work with his enemies Sinestro, Atrocitus, Larfleeze, and his former love Carol Ferris (who is now a Star Sapphire once more). He also allies with Saint Walker from the Blue Lantern Corps, Indigo Tribe member Indigo-1, and Guardians Ganthet and Sayd, in order to save the universe.

When the black lantern's power lever reaches 100%, Scar arrives to Coast City with the Black Lantern. Black Hand then bids Nekron to rise, who then bids the Coast City deceased to rise as black lantern rings fall to their graves. Along the way, Hal and Barry battle their personal demons as they face the consequences of being resurrected. Soon a black power ring reanimates the skull that Black Hand stole into a Black Lantern Batman. As Batman coughs black power rings, headed for Superman, Green Arrow, Ice, Kid Flash, Superboy, Animal Man, and Donna Troy, Nekron reveals that it was him that allowed the heroes to be resurrected after their deaths. As their friends become Black Lanterns, Hal and Barry escape from the black rings' pursuit by going 2 seconds in the future. Ganthet then duplicates the rings of each respective power of the emotional spectrum in hope of aid from seven new Lanterns that are recruited for temporary membership in one of the seven Lantern Corps individually. Jordan is shocked to find the new Lanterns are in the forms of heroes and villains alike. While defending Coast City, the Lanterns encounter a Black Lantern Spectre and are hard pressed to defeat him, threatening Hal into almost becoming a Black Lantern himself. Remembering from the period in which he was possessed by the Spectre that Parallax is the one thing that the Spirit of Retribution fears most, Hal allows himself to be possessed by the fear entity once more in order to stop him. After the Spectre is freed from Nekron's influence, Parallax is kidnapped by an unknown being and the Spectre disappears after finding out that he has no power over Nekron. After finding out that Nekron was after the entity of White Light, he discovers that the entity originated on Earth, not Oa as the Guardians said. Hal realizes that the entity needs a host; similar to Parallax and Ion. As Hal attempts to leave Parallax, Sinestro tells him it's his destiny to be the host and not Hal.

After Nekron separates Sinestro from the Entity, Hal bonds with and uses its power to transform the resurrected black lantern heroes into White Lanterns, dubbing them the "White Lantern Corps". They revive Black Hand, Nekron's anchor to the living plane, who then coughs up white power rings. A white ring enters the main Black Power Battery, reviving and freeing the Anti-Monitor. The Anti-Monitor then unleashes anti-matter at Nekron, though Nekron sends the Anti-Monitor back to Qward. Nekron is finally destroyed by white power rings, who go for Osiris, Captain Boomerang, Maxwell Lord, Aquaman, Hawkman, Hawkgirl, Hawk, Jade, Professor Zoom Firestorm,  Martian Manhunter, and Dead Man, resurrecting the once dead heroes and villains.  It leaves. Later Hal and Barry discuss the events of Blackest Night, and how the black lantern Batman didn't recognize them, giving them hope that Batman is still alive, and where the Entity could have gone. Along a road, a crater forms with a White Lantern in it.

Hal Jordan and The New Guardians

The Brightest Day

Hal was later seen flying with Carol Ferris in jets. Sinestro then interrupts, causing Hal's plane to explode. Hal and Carol transform into their Lantern costumes and Sinestro tells Hal that he's found a White Lantern in a crater on Earth. Hal inferred that Sinestro couldn't lift the Lantern, to which Sinestro says it wants Hal. They arrived at the crater and Hal and Carol try their chance at lifting the Lantern. They both failed, as Sinestro had, and liken the fallen Lantern to King Arthur and the Sword in the Stone. Carol tries once more, but then the Green and Yellow Lanterns try along with her. This causes The White Lantern to speak, saying "HELP ME LIVE." This seems to send a jolt of pain and power through all those resurrected on Blackest Night and the three Lantern Corps members around the Lantern. Hal then falls to ground and when he rises, he sees revolting visions of undead forms of the resurrected. The Lantern tells Hal, Carol and Sinestro to find the Entity before Krona does. Hal is summoned next to Atrocitus, when they are attacked by Lobo. Together Hal and the New Guardians, "scared" him off, and Atrocitus joined them in their search. After this, Hal went after Larfleeze, but they were attacked by Hector Hammond, who swallowed Larfleeze's Lantern and transformed him into Ophidian. Hector says he'll go after Carol, and Hal and Larfleeze went to Las Vegas and encountered Carol fighting Predator. Carol said the Predator is corrupted by the host and she must kiss his host to breaking him free (Hal watchs the kiss with jealousy). After that, they were transported to Zamaron by the Zamarons. Carol tries to convince them that Predator is not dangerous and he does't have to be in the Star Sapphire Central Power Battery. Queen Aga'po agree with her. She sacrifices herself to their Central Battery, and nominates Carol the new Star Sapphire Queen. Carol decides to stay in Zamaron, and Hal and Lafleeze come back to Earth because Saint Walker says that Adara found a host. They go to Montana, where Flash shows up and says that he and Hal have to talk. Flash told him that the Justice League wanted to speak to Hal. They begin discussing, but they are interrept by the Indigo Tribe. Saint Walker says that he can't feel any hoping for the Indigo Tribe, because their rings don't let them think for themselves. Krona shows up with Parallax and possesses Flash. Hal and Parallax start to fight, and Hal teases Parallax to possess his body again, but Krona says that Hal would resist his influence, Krona starts to collect the Entity. Hal, the New Guardians and the Indigo Tribe fight Krona. Hal wakes up around Batman, Superman and Flash, he asked what happened, and Batman says "You Lost", Superman asked when was the last time Hal had taken off the ring, and later they are aprouched by the New Guardians. Flash offers help, but Hal declines, they went to Ryut looking for Krona, but they found the Book of the Black. Sinestro read a page and the book start to show the truth of Massacre of Sector 666 and Krona.

Hal Jordan wearing Thaal Sinestro's yellow power ring.

War of The Green Lanterns

As the Book of The Black start to absorb the New Guardians, Lyssa Drak shows up and makes it even harder for them to get free. Sinestro helps Hal get free and then the book disappears, leaving only their rings. After that, Salakk, with a squad of Green Lanterns appears and they try to arrest Hal, but Krona infects the Green Lantern Central Power Battery using Parallax, making the Green Lanterns lose control. Hal flees and asked for backup to any other lanterns who aren't affected. Guy Gardner responds that they went to meet in The Green House, both to talk aboult their recent alliances, and their lost control. As the conversation gets under way, Hal Jordan and Guy Gardner begin fighting, which drains their power, Hal and Guy regain their control, but now they have no idea how to save the Green Lantern Corps. Hal and Guy wander through the planet until they find the Green House, where Hal reveals that he repaired a Manhunter transport called the Interceptor. Hal and Guy use the Interceptor to return to Oa, but they are attacked by several brainwashed Lanterns, including Kilowog. However, Hal and Guy manage to escape using an escape pod. Crash landing in Oa, Hal and Guy regroup with Kyle and John. They agree that they must remove Parallax from the Central Power Battery to free the Corps. To prevent Krona from controlling them, Hal and the others decide to use rings from different corps. Hal wields the Sinestro Corps ring.

With their new rings, Hal and the others try to help Ganthet in fighting off brainwashed Lanterns, but they are unable to properly control their powers. Suddenly, they are attacked by Mogo, who also fell under the impurity's control. To escape, the Earthmen enter an underground tunnel that leads to the Foundry, a secret chamber where all rings and batteries are forged. There, a mysterious created named Shedd attacked them, until the Earthmen show him that they are Green Lanterns. Shedd gives Guy the Power Gauntlet that used to belong to Krona, and then disappears. Kyle and John teleport away to free Mogo from Krona's control, leaving Hal and Guy on their own. Hal and Guy fly to the Battery, but they are attacked by the entity-possessed Guardians. Guy tries to use the Power Gauntlet against the Guardians, but Krona appears and knocks them out. When they regain consciousness, Hal and Guy find themselves chained along with Ganthet and the Book of the Black, while Krona reveals his plan to make them the new Guardians of the universe. He then wraps them up in the same bandages that he wore to evolve them into Guardians.

Suddenly, debris begins to fall across the planet, causing Krona and the Guardians to weaken. Hal and Guy escape with Ganthet and the Book. They regroup with John and Kyle. They reveal that John was forced to kill Mogo, but Hal tells them to focus on the Battery. As they arrive on the Battery, Ganthet reveals them that they can only remove Parallax if they combine their emotional powers. To do so, Ganthet gives Hal the Agent Orange ring and Guy the Star Sapphire ring. But before they can act, they are attacked by brainwashed Lanterns. Hal and the others fight them while Guy successfully removes Parallax from the Battery. With the Parallax removed, the impurity disappears and the Lanterns are fred from Krona's control. The Earthmen regain their Green Lantern rings and prepare to fight Krona and the entity-possed Guardians. After Hal killed Krona, he is expelled from the Green Lantern Corps because the Guardians believe him to be the most dangerous Green Lantern due to their fear that he might kill them like he did to Krona. He is returned to Earth along with Carol.

Hal Jordan in The World of FlashPoint.


In an effort to save his mother's life from the Reverse-Flash, Barry Allen unknowingly changes reality, drastically altering the lives of his friends, Hal included. In this new world, Hal still wanted to become a pilot much like his own father and role model Martin Jordan. He and Carol Ferris were still childhood friends. Unfortunately he witnesses his father’s death. Martin Jordan dies after his malfunctioning fighter jet crashes into the ground. Despite being haunted by his father's death, Hal nonetheless envisions himself as a pilot. But due to his reckless nature he fails to live up to his father’s reputation; however, at the outbreak of the Atlantean-Amazonian war, Hal is drafted along with the private aircraft company Ferris Air, to patrol the American western coastline. During a patrol with his wingman Carol, they are attacked by the Shark, an agent of Atlantis. Hal coordinates with Carol in pulling off a risky maneuver that involves getting rid of the Shark by slamming their jets into him and then quickly parachuting out of their aircraft. However, Hal is reprimanded by Hector Hammond, a private consultant of Ferris Aircraft, for destroying the expensive jets. Hal ignores Hammond's ire and instead continues his patrol in another jet. Suddenly, he sees a starship that is under attack make a crash landing. Hal lands his jet and investigates the wreckage, where he finds a weakened Abin Sur who desperately tells Hal that he needs help in saving the universe. However, Abin Sur is subsequently taken into custody by Cyborg and the government to be questioned about his reasons for being on Earth. Later, when Amazonian invisible planes invade over Coast City, Hal and Carol manage to shoot down the invisible planes and the Hydra that they dropped. Later, Hal is volunteered by the President of the United States for a mission to use a Green Arrow Industries nuclear weapon to bomb Western Europe. Hal prepares the pilot the F-35 carrying the Green Arrow weapon. During the battles on New Themyscira, Hal possesses the remaining nuclear weapon, but his firing mechanism jams. Hal's only option is to fly through New Themyscira in a suicide attack, causing a process which destroys not only New Themyscira's invisible shield, but Hal with it. Afterwards, Thomas Kalmaku gives Carol a note saying that Hal was afraid to say that he had always loved her. Carol sees the engagement ring that he was going to propose to her. Fortunately, the Flash manages to change reality once again, restoring Hal back to life.

Post FlashPoint

Sinestro and Hal Jordan

Alliance with Sinestro

After the events seen in Flashpoint, the DC Universe changed significantly. Hal Jordan's past and present remained mostly unchanged, as his current status regarding the Green Lantern Corps. After being banished to Earth, Hal returned home, resigned. In his Coast City apartment, Jordan is hounded by his landlord for overdue rent. As he looks out the window, Hal notices a woman in the building across the street being threatened. He jumps out his seventh story window, crashes through the window of the woman's apartment, and subdues her attacker. Only then does he look up to see the room filled by a camera crew and realize that the woman and her attacker are actors. Some time later, Carol Ferris arrives to bail Hal out of jail. She tells him its time to move on with his life and offers Hal a job at Ferris Air. Thinking it over, Hal asks Carol out on a date. Later that night, Hal and Carol are dining in a fancy restaurant. Hal tells Carol he will accept her offer for a job and then says he has something else to ask her: he needs her to co-sign a car lease for him. Carol throws her drink in his face and stomps off. Hal chases after and tries to apologize, not realizing Carol was expecting a proposal. Thoroughly mad, Carol drives off leaving Hal stranded in a growing rainstorm. Soaking wet, Hal finally arrives home only to find an eviction notice attached to his apartment door. The night is not over, however, as Sinestro is waiting and offers Hal a chance to regain his ring.

Despite Sinestro's offer, Hal attacks him but Sinestro easily subdues him. Sinestro says that Hal's life has been very difficult lately without his ring. Then, Sinestro creates a ring and places it on Hal. Powered by the ring, Hal frees himself from the chains and blasts Sinestro with an energy beam. However, the beam does not affect Sinestro. Confused, Hal asks what's wrong with the ring and Sinestro replies that there is nothing wrong with it. Since the ring was created by Sinestro, he alone can control it. To prove his point to Hal, Sinestro powers down his ring and Hal falls to a rooftop. As he reactivates the ring, Sinestro proclaims that Hal is his servant. Then, Hal hears emergency sirens and flies to see the problem, much to Sinestro's annoyance. Hal and Sinestro watch as a bridge is about to collapse. Hal saves a woman, but Sinestro deactivates his ring and the woman falls to the water. Then, Sinestro fixes the entire bridge and saves all the victims, including the woman. As Sinestro reactivates Hal's ring, Gorgor, a member of the Sinestro Corps and the one behind the bridge's collapse, attacks them. Sinestro fights Gorgor, proclaiming that all the members of his Corps gave into their sadistic urges instead of obeying the code of conduct he created. Then, he kills Gorgor with a sword construct. Sinestro tells Hal that the Sinestro Corps have enslaved Korugar and he will help him destroy them.

Sinestro explains to Hal that he needs him to liberate Korugar from the Sinestro Corps. If the other Green Lanterns get involved, there will be a massacre. Hal decides to go with Sinestro, but not before saying goodbye to Carol. However, Sinestro won't let him, as the fate of Korugar is more urgent. Hal angrily punches Sinestro in the face, saying that Sinestro is not better than him. Sinestro simply laughs, saying that he is better than Hal, and he already knows that. Then, Sinestro flies off to Korugar, followed by a reluctant Hal. Hal and Sinestro arrive at Korugar, and Sinestro reveal his plan: they must stay hidden until sunset and Sinestro will fight the Corpsmen while Hal goes to the Yellow Central Battery and deactivates it, as it can only be deactivated by a Green Lantern. Hal expresses confusion at Sinestro's decision of using a Green Lantern as a fail-safe for the Yellow Battery, but nevertheless goes along with the plan. Sinestro changes his uniform's color to black, surprising Hal, as he didn't know the ring could do that. As they hide in Korugar's ruins while waiting for the sunset, Hal and Sinestro watch as the Corpsmen enslave the Korugarans and bring them to cells. Just as a Corpsman is about to kill a young Korugarian, another Korugarian named Arsona attacks him. Sinestro is surprised, as he knows Arsona. However, the Corpsman restrains her and prepares to kill her, and Sinestro decides to attack. Hal, knowing that Sinestro is drawing their attention, goes to the Yellow Central Battery, where he is attacked by another Corpsman. Hal quickly kills him and enters the Battery, but the Battery blasts him, much to Sinestro's shock.

As Hal is blasted by the Yellow Power Battery, he sees his relationship with Carol with another perspective. However, the Battery discovers that Hal is not Sinestro and stops blasting him with energy. The Battery was not trying to disintegrate him; instead, it was trying to teleport him to the Antimatter Universe. As Hal loses consciousness, the Sinestro Corpsmen put him in a cell. As Hal comes to, he tries to get out of the cell; however, the cell has been designed to withstand green energy. As his ring's energy levels approach 0%, Hal uses the last of his ring's power to create a construct of Carol. The Corpsmen put Sinestro in a cell alongside Hal's. Sinestro's cell is also filled with Korugarian prisoners. Hal listens to Sinestro talk with Arsona, who is personally upset by Sinestro's betrayal against Korugar. To get out of the cells, Hal suggests to Sinestro to create rings for the Korugarians, just like he created a ring for him. With power rings, the Korugarans could fight back against the Corpsmen. Sinestro is not sure about this plan, saying that the rings would only last ten minutes before disappearing, but Hal tells him to try. Exerting himself, Sinestro manages to create rings for the Korugarans. However, the Korugarians, led by a vengeful Arsona, decide to use their new power to attack Sinestro instead.

Hal and Sinestro Fight The Sinestro Corps to Save Korugar.

Hal asks Arsona and the Korugarians not to use their rings to attack Sinestro, as their rings will not last long. Sinestro also says that the rings the Korugarians wield cannot be used against Sinestro, because he created them. To escape their cells, Sinestro remotely controls his Power Battery, causing an explosion that destroys the cells, allowing Sinestro, Hal and the Korugarians to escape and fight back. Sinestro lends his Battery to Hal so that he can recharge his ring. As the Korugarians fight the Corpsmen, Sinestro and Hal return to the Yellow Central Power Battery to deactivate it. Hal asks Sinestro why did he failed the first time he tried to deactivate the Battery, Sinestro answers that the Battery thought Hal was Sinestro because he was carrying his Battery and wearing a ring he created. Sinestro tells Hal that they must use his Green Battery to extinguish the Yellow Battery's light, activating the Yellow Battery's survival mode, in which the Battery begins retracting energy from the Corpsmen's rings, causing the Corpsmen to fall into a coma. The plan works and the Corpsmen are incapacitated before they can inflict any serious harm on the Korugarians. Although Korugar is saved, the Korugarians have mixed feelings towards Sinestro. Arsona, still angry at him, says that the Korugarians will always consider him their enemy. Hal and Sinestro take the Sinestro Corpsmen as prisoners and leave Korugar. Flying through space with the Battery and the Corpsmen under custody, Hal and Sinestro talk about recent events. Sinestro believes that Guardians are insidious and becoming a greater danger to the universe than he ever was, but Hal still denounces Sinestro's actions. Declaring their pact over, Sinestro de-charges Hal's ring, saying he can keep it, but he never stated he would provide a way to recharge when he made the deal in the first place. Then, Sinestro sends Hal back to Earth.

Returning to Earth, Hal resolves to find another way to recharge his ring, until he remembers Carol. Hal goes to Ferris Aircraft and meets Carol with a kiss, telling her about what happened in Korugar. He apologizes for everything they have gone through tells her that he wants her to be the last thing he sees before he dies and promises to improve their relationship. She accepts Hal's apology and the two restart their relationship. Hal resumes his life on Earth with Carol's help. During a date in the Coast City Aeronautical Museum, Hal defends a mechanic from some co-workers that attacked him because he caught them stealing plane parts. After the date, Hal tells Carol that he doesn't need to be Green Lantern. The next morning, Hal and Carol wake up after spending the night together. Suddenly, Hal's ring attaches itself to his finger and Sinestro appears before them, saying that Hal is still of use to him.

Secret of The Indigo Tribe

Hal refuses to obey Sinestro's commands again, until Sinestro threatens Carol, causing Hal to attack him. As Hal and Sinestro fight, Sinestro holds the advantage, as Hal's ring cannot hurt Sinestro, who effortlessly incapacitates Hal and tells him about the Guardians's plans to replace the Green Lantern Corps. Suddenly, Indigo-1 and a group of Indigo Lanterns appear before Hal and Sinestro. Indigo-1 declares the Indigo Tribe's intentions to deal with Sinestro, saying that the Guardians's decision to allow Sinestro keep his Green Lantern ring was a mistake. Then, the Indigo Lanterns take Sinestro and teleport away, with Hal following them to the Indigo Tribe homeworld. The Indigo Lanterns knock Hal out and put him in a cell. As Hal awakens, he finds his ring discharged. Another prisoner begs Hal to free him, but an indigo energy blast knocks him out. Then, Black Hand appears before Hal. Hal asks Black Hand what does the Indigo Tribe want with Sinestro, and Black Hand replies that they are all saved. He says that Sinestro is no longer a worry and he will be reborn, just like he was.

Black Hand tells Hal that the Indigo Tribe will make Sinestro one of their own. He also shows Hal his ability to cycle through the emotional spectrum. Hal tricks him into channeling willpower and manages to recharge his ring. As Hal escapes from his cell, more Indigo Tribesmen come after him. He tries to elude them but realizes he cannot fly. The ring tells him that the energy Hal absorbed from Black Hand is simulated energy and the ring's power remains limited. Hal asks if he can still create constructs, and the ring replies that they are availabe but unreliable. Hal creates a zipline and a motorcycle to escape from the Indigo Tribesmen. Riding across the dungeon, Hal encounters a massive statue of Abin Sur. Touching a panel in the statue, Hal activates a series of holograms that say that Abin Sur is the creator and savior of the Indigo Tribe. He saved them all, beginning with his greatest enemy: Indigo-1. Suddenly, Hal is ambushed by the Indigo Tribe and Sinestro, who has been converted into an Indigo Lantern. As the Indigo Lanterns surround Hal, Sinestro expresses regret at everything he has done to Hal, but Hal doesn't buy it, knowing that Sinestro was brainwashed. Hal asks Indigo-1 why are Indigo Lanterns attacking him, reminding her of the alliance between the Green Lantern Corps and the Indigo Tribe. Indigo-1 replies that the alliance still stands, and the Indigo Tribesmen will return him to Earth, but Sinestro will stay on the Indigo homeworld. Hal refuses to leave without Sinestro, so he escapes into the Forbidden Jungles, hoping to find the Indigo Central Battery.

Hal travels through the jungle and finds a mysterious being, who recognizes him as a Green Lantern. The being identifies himself as Natromo, and Hal recognizes his name from the Indigo Tribe oath. Natromo says that he didn't want his name to be used on the Indigo oath. He also says that "Nok", translated to human languages, means "compassion be with you", and is the name of the Indigo homeworld. Hal sees that Natromo is not wearing an Indigo ring, and asks him if he created the Indigo Tribe. Natromo replies that he created the Indigo Tribe along with another Green Lantern: Abin Sur. Leading Hal to the Indigo Central Battery, Natromo explains to him the origins of the Indigo Tribe. It was he and Abin Sur who created the Indigo Power Rings so that he could create an army to fight in the Blackest Night. The Indigo Tribe was also meant to fight the Guardians, because Abin had seen the future and discovered they would become corrupted. Natromo is preparing to attack the Guardians when Abin returns, but Hal says that Abin is dead. Shocked, Natromo states that without Abin, they have no chance at defeating the Guardians. Saddened by Abin's death, Natromo detonates the Indigo Central Battery. In that moment, the Indigo Lanterns arrive, but the Battery's destruction deactivates their rings. Although Sinestro is freed from the ring's influence, the former Indigo Lanterns are released too.

Hal and Sinestro run into the jungle, and Hal explains that the Indigo Tribesmen are in fact brainwashed criminals, but their Battery is dead and they have reverted to their former selves. Sinestro tries to fight, but Hal gets him into a jeep construct. Sinestro says that he doesn't need Hal's help, but Hal asks if Sinestro doesn't need him, why did he gave him a ring in the first place. He was willing to get his life back on track, but because of the Guardians's plan, he will have to get involved in Green Lantern affairs again. Sinestro replies that Hal is a Green Lantern, and that is his life. Suddenly, they stumble upon Natromo, and Hal imprisons him in a cage. Natromo pleads to be released so that he can say goodbye to his family, but Hal asks him to repair the Indigo Battery. Sinestro threatens Natromo by aiming a stake at his neck, but Hal convinces him that fear will not solve the problem. Sinestro decides to hold the Indigo Tribesmen off, while Hal and Natromo try to repair the Battery. As Hal and Natromo get to the Battery, Natromo asks Hal how did he know Abin Sur. Hal replies that Abin was his predecessor in the Green Lantern Corps, he gave him his ring and responsibilities; and if that includes uniting the Indigo Tribe against the Guardians, then he will accept that responsibility as well. Hal inspires Natromo to believe in himself as much as he believed in Abin. Natromo tries to repair the Battery, but he cannot reassemble the pieces without a single spark of compassion. Suddenly, Iroque enters the Battery chamber, begging them to repair the Battery. Hal and Natromo realize that even without her ring, Iroque is capable of feeling compassion. Using Iroque's compassion, Natromo successfully repairs the Battery, restoring the Indigo Tribe, including Sinestro. Hal asks Natromo to let Sinestro go, but Natromo cannot do that; only the Indigo Tribe can release him. Indigo-1 agrees to let Sinestro go, but only if Hal helps him find redemption even without an indigo ring. Indigo-1 asks Hal if she believes Sinestro can be a hero again, and Hal replies that he wants to believe that.

The Revenge of Black Hand

As the Indigo Tribe releases Sinestro, Natromo inverts the link between Hal's and Sinestro's ring. Now, Hal can control Sinestro's ring instead of the other way around. Unfortunately, Black Hand has escaped the Indigo Tribe's control. Indigo-1 teleports the two Lanterns to Korugar, where Sinestro has hidden the Book of the Black. As they read the Book to find out more about the Guardians's plans to replace the Green Lantern Corps, they are teleported right to Black Hand's old home. After a lengthy fight with Black Hand's forces, Hal and Sinestro pass out after running out of power in their rings. Black Hand buries Sinestro and Hal alive. Hal breaks free and fights against Black Hand, and is saved by Sinestro. The two of them fight Black Hand until the Guardians arrive, who command Black Hand to kill them. Black Hand opens a massive black vortex that sucks Hal and Sinestro within, but not before Hal and Sinestro fuse their rings together with an unknown message.

The Rise of The Third Army

Hal and Sinestro are revealed to have survived, but they are trapped in the mysterious Dead Zone. As they venture through the Dead Zone, Hal and Sinestro find a mysterious cloaked figure. They later found out that they both died because of the black vortex Black Hand created. The figure reveals himself to be Tomar-Re, and he states that they must stop the First Lantern's plans; the dead demanded it.

The Wrath of The First Lantern

  • Coming Soon

Powers and Abilities


  • As a normal human being, Hal does not possess any permanent superpowers. However, when he wields his Green Lantern Power Ring, Hal is able to fly, shoot laser beams and create constructs from the Green Light of Willpower.

Former Powers

Hal Temporarily Obtained Superpowers that do not depend on his Green Lantern Power Ring. His Former Powers came from Parallax, The Spectre and The Life Entity when he was their Host.

  • Parallax Host: For a time, Hal served as a Host for Parallax, the Entity of Fear.
  • Fear Projection: Being Connected to Parallax, Hal was able of manipulating the Yellow Light of Fear without the aid of a Qwardian Power Ring. He could create constructs and use them for combat. Hal had immense fear-casting powers, strong enough to easily scare the likes of Superman and Wonder Woman, except those who are capable of understanding and conquering inner fear such as Kyle Rayner and Batman.
  • Hypnosis
  • Reality Manipulation: Hal had the omnipotent ability to alter reality to his own benefit.
  • Time Manipulation: Hal could control and travel through time.
  • Immortality: The Power of Parallax made Hal Immortal.
  • Spectre Host: For a time, Hal served as a Host for The Spectre.
  • Immortality: Hal could not be killed in the traditional sense, although he could be harmed through sufficiently powerful means.
  • Flight: Hal could fly through the lower atmosphere and outer space at any speed.
  • Divine Wrath: Hal had the power to judge souls by their Earthly deeds.
  • Sorcery: Being connected to The Spectre allowed Hal to perform several acts of magic.
  • Cosmic Awareness: Despite lacking omniscience, Hal gained a deep understanding of the inner workings of the universe.
  • Life Entity Host: For a time, Hal served as a Host for the Life Entity.
  • Immortality: Being connected to the Entity made Hal immortal and unable to be killed through any kind of means.
  • Power of Life: As the Host of The Entity, Hal was able to manipulate the White Light of Creation and perform many extraordinary feats, such as resurrect dead people.


Indomitable Will: Hal Jordan's will has been described as the greatest in the universe. His power is only limited by his own imagination, making him one of the most powerful superheroes in the universe. He has defeated beings such as Sinestro, Mongul, and even the entire JLA on one occasion. In the future when his evil side, Parallax, went rogue and nearly destroyed and recreated the universe, an alternate Hal from the past was not only able to match Parallax's will but fought him to a stalemate, while the most powerful beings couldn't scratch him.

Lantern Power Ring: Hal Jordan can shoot green laser beams from his power ring. He can also form constructs, by using his thoughts and the power ring to create an object that he can use to fight his enemies. The power ring can not affect any object that is yellow. However, on one occasion in a battle against Atrocitus, a member of the 5 Inversions, he created a construct of a jet. The jet overpowered Atrocitus who was lifting a yellow piece of Machinery. The jet smashed into Atrocitus and Sinestro returned Atrocitus back to the prison Ysmault. The power ring runs out of power after a time, and can only be recharged by a Green Lantern Battery. The power ring also supplies information when asked a question.

Green Lantern Power Ring Mastery: Jordan's constructs are among the most powerful. When he creates them, one often witnesses an "afterburner" behind Jordan of all his stray thoughts unconnected to the job at hand.

Skilled Boxer: a veteran fighter with many years of experience of fighting combined with just as much military training. Which was only furthered after further tutelage from both Sinestro and Kilowog.

Expert Pilot: a extremely talented pilot said to have surpassed his father. Although his reckless actions have endangered many planes he’s flown before, his aerial prowress is said to be rivaled by few.


  • Class 100+; while using constructs created by the ring Hal is effectively able to lift/move tremendous weights far heavier than 100 tons with little effort. Without the ring Hal possesses the strength of a man his age, height and build who engages in regular exercise making him capable of press lifting at least his own weight. He beat Zod in a one on one fight.


  • Ring limitations: has limits to its construct creation, only a 100% charge to each ring that runs out if used heavily. The green lantern light is particularly vulnerable to the color yellow. Red lantern rage disrupts his rings function. Formally inability to kill, removed but still a crime.
  • Personal weaknesses: Extremely reckless, sometimes does things on a whim, human weaknesses outside the ring.


Former Equipment



Former Weapons


  • Although this character was originally introduced during DC's Earth-One era of publication, their existence following the events of the 1985-86 limited series Crisis on Infinite Earths remains intact. However, some elements of the character's Pre-Crisis history may have been altered or removed for Post-Crisis New Earth continuity, and should be considered apocryphal.
  • In one continuity seen in "The Last Family of Krypton", its shown that Hal Jordan died in a test flight after Abin Sur was saved by Jor-El thus preventing Jordan from ever receiving a Green Lantern Power Ring.


Hal is a righteous hero with a strong willpower and an ability to overcome great fear. Those traits are what make him worthy of becoming a Green Lantern. Having a strong sense of right and wrong, Hal is guided by his own conscience rather than the general rules that most of the Green Lanterns follow. One of his most notable traits is his refusal to admit defeat even in the darkest of situations, which has allowed him to achieve victory even in the most difficult odds. Despite his virtues, Hal is also reckless and arrogant. More than once he has left his emotions cloud his better judgment, something the Guardians berate him for. Also, Hal is especially hard on himself for allowing Parallax take control of him, which resulted in the destruction of the Green Lantern Corps. But as time passes, Hal is able to overcome his guilt and move on with his life. Hal is also a ladies man, romancing with many women throughout his life, including Carol Ferris, Arisia Rrab and Jillian Pearlman.


  • In 2005 an action figure was created for his one and only appearance in the Justice League Unlimited episode The Once and Future Thing: Time, Warped: Part 2. Only 100 were created and were all personally signed by series creator Bruce Timm. Also the action figure came in a limited edition green and red variation of the normal Justice League packaging. All figures were given as gifts to production and promotion staff alike. This figure has now become the Holy Grail for any collector and go on eBay and other auction sites for thousands.
  • Hal's Birthday is on February 20.

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In Other Media


  • In 1967, Hal was featured in "The Superman/Aquaman Hour of Adventure" either in his own shorts, or as a member of the Justice League.
  • Hal was later featured in "The Superfriends", first as a guest hero, then as a full member.
  • In 1996, Hal Jordan made an extremely brief cameo in the Superman: TAS episode, In Brightest Day.... During a fight between Kyle Rayner and Sinestro, a plane gets in the way. The pilots name can be clearly seen: Colonel Hal Jordan.
  • In 2003, Hal Jordan made an appearance in the Warner Bros. cartoon, Duck Dodgers in the Episode, The Green Loontern. In this episode. Captain Dodgers is in a mix up at the dry cleaners and takes Hal Jordan's costume and Power Ring. After running amok in the universe, Jordan finally catches up with Dodgers and takes back his ring. Several other Lanterns make animated appearances including Guy Gardner, Tomar-Tu and the Green Lampkin. In this appearance, Hal Jordan is voiced by well known director, Kevin Smith.
  • Hal Jordan has appears in 2-Episodes of Justice League Unlimited he is Voiced by Actor Adam Baldwin.
  • In 2007 the story Justice League: The New Frontier was brought to the screen on DVD by Bruce Timm. Hal Jordan plays a main role in this story and is voiced by Buffy and Angel star, David Boreanaz.
  • Hal Jordan appears in The DC Comics Animated Movie Green Lantern: First Flight were he is Voiced by Actor Christopher Meloni.
  • In the fourth season finale of The Batman, "The Joining", the Justice League was introduced. Hal Jordan was included among its members, in a non-speaking cameo. He and the other members of the League play a role in the show's fifth season. He appears in the episode "Ring Toss", and in the finale "Lost Heroes", both times
  • Hal Jordan appears in The DC Comics Animated Movie Green Lantern: Emerald Knights were he Acts as The Movies Main Narrator.
  • In 2011 Green Lantern Emerald Knights Hal Jordan acts as the movies narrator.
  • Hal Jordan appears in the New TV Series Green Lantern: The Animated Series were he is Voiced by Actor Josh Keaton.


Video Games

  • Hal is an unlockable character in the console versions of Justice League Heroes. He is the most expensive unlockable character in the game at eighty-four shields. However, his abilities are identical to John Stewart and Kyle Rayner.
  • He is a playable character in Mortal Kombat vs. DC Universe.
  • A Tie In Video Game for The Green Lantern (Film) was Released in 2011 Titled Green Lantern: Rise of The Manhunters.
  • Hal Jordan appears as a playable character in Injustice: Gods Among Us, with Adam Baldwin reprising his role from Justice League: Unlimted. During the game's story mode, Hal Jordan alongside Aquaman, Green Arrow, and Wonder Woman are pulled into the alternate reality where Superman's Regime rules the Earth following a fight with Lex Luthor and his villain allies. After saving the alternate Deathstroke from Cyborg and Raven and saving his teammates from Sinestro, he is confronted by a Sinestro Corps version of himself called Yellow Lantern. At the game's conclusion, Hal Jordan is convinced to stand down and surrender by the 'prime' Superman, willingly removing his ring. He (alongside Sinestro) is shown being taken before his world's Guardians by the 'prime' Hal to stand trial for his actions.