Green Lantern #27
Green Lantern -27
General Information
Series: Green Lantern (Volume 4)
Issue Number: 27
First Published: March, 2008
Previous Issue: Green Lantern #26
Next Issue: Green Lantern #28

Synopsis for "The Alpha Lanterns: Part Two"Edit

Hal Jordan and John Stewart pick up an energy signal from a Qwardian Power Ring. They track it to Arkham Asylum just as the ring is preparing to indoctrinate the Scarecrow into the Sinestro Corps. They capture the ring and bring it back to Oa. At the Oan Citadel, the Green Lantern Corps conduct an investigation into the death of Amon Sur. Laira confesses to murdering Sur on Varva and defends her act by citing that it was justice for Amon's wanton slaughter of Ke'Haan's people. Enraged, Laira uses her ring to incinerate Amon's remains. The Guardians enter the chamber and suspend Laira from active service. She is to be imprisoned and await trial. Laira rejects the Guardians' decision and fights back. The Guardians announce that they are establishing a new detachment of the Green Lantern Corps, the function of which will be to enforce the new laws of the Book of Oa, and to police the greater GL Corps. This detachment is known as the Alpha Lantern Corps. The Guardians select six Green Lanterns to serve as officers in the Alpha Lantern Corps - Boodikka, Chaselon, Green Man, John Stewart, Kraken and Varix. All but John Stewart accept the offer. In order to serve at optimum capacity, the neophyte members of the Alpha Lantern Corps undergo radical cosmetic surgery. They emerge as examples of the best elements of the various military outfits the Guardians have created over the years, including the Manhunters. Their first task is to secure the former Green Lantern, Laira. Meanwhile in Sector 650, the Scarred Guardian arrives on a desolate world and finds the Green Lantern known as Ash. She gives Ash the duty of locating the corporeal remains of the Anti-Monitor.

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